University of Puget Sound Top Questions

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Compared to other schools I have considered, the University of Puget Sound has the nicest and most engaging professors around. All professors are incredibly friendly and easily approachable. Every professor at the university is always there for students' needs and some will reach out to those struggling. The professors are all incredibly smart in more than just their field of study and always make an effort to be there to assist students.


In the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching, it is very easy to find a tutor or someone to proofread papers/bounce ideas off of. The professors are also very accessible and if a student is unable to make it to a proffessor's office hours, many of the professors are very willing to come in at another time to help the student.


The most unique part about puget sound is the class size. The small class environment allows for every student to get individualized attention from the teacher. This allows the teacher to assist the student in any way possible. The teachers flexible office hours also are very rewarding in terms of the willingness of the teachers to help out the students when they need it,


Puget Sound Outdoors!: hiking, kayaking, climbing, etc., and a ski team and a sailing team! Amazing and very challenging teachers-very knowledgeable. Professor Weinberger is the best! Politics and Government Dept is top-knotch!


I have loved my time at Puget Sound and am truly sad that my four years is quickly coming to an end.


Puget Sound is bigger than the average liberal arts college, so we have more programs, as well as several unique majors (such as exercise science). We also have fairly large dorm rooms and great food, which are both hard to come by.


We have an integrated International Relations/Economics major called International Political Economy with a really amazing department and faculty, our student body is smart, innovative, and passionate, and our campus is GORGEOUS.


Class sizes and professors' level of engagement. Almost all of my professors are available most of the time on weekdays, and tend to respond to emails fast. The class sizes factor in to this, and also allow for a lot of class discussion time. It's considerably larger than most liberal arts schools, but the difference is not significantly reflected in student/instructor ratios because the faculty is bigger, too. Lots of academic opportunities, lots of options, and some pretty rigorous coursework, all in a liberal arts framework.


Very enviromentally friendly, small class sizes


Tacoma is not a busy city, so there is not a lot of temptation to go out and hang out in the city instead of staying on campus and doing work. It is a gorgeous gothic campus, more beautiful than any other school I looked at.