University of Puget Sound Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


A minimum requirement of having to live on campus for two school years. This makes it very difficult for transfer students to become their own responsible individuals.


I see Puget Sound's emphasis on academics to be lopsided and socially damaging. I believe successful academic work is backed by successful social structuring and that many students at Puget Sound settle with what they see as their unsocial nature.


Sometimes the school might feel a bit too small. And possibly it is not racially diverse enough.


The worst thing about Puget Sound is also one of its best features. There is just so much to do that you can't possibly do it all. My friends and I often talk about other things we should have experienced while in school, but we couldn't because we were so busy with other commitments. I wish I had been in an opera, or gone to a Spanish Conversation Hour, or written a play, or done an intramural sport. You just can't do it all, so it's best to make sure you are doing what you love!


It can sometimes be hard to be a Christian on this campus and also Republican or conservative. It is a pretty liberal school. But if you stick to your guns and refuse to let people stereotype you because religious or political affiliation, there are few problems.


I wish there were more people who were like me


How small it is because their is a lack of diversity and there is a bubble surrounding it that is hard to get out of.


Most of my financial aid that i recieved my first year was taken away my second year though the financial aid office had promised that the money would not be removed.


Our student body isn't very diverse, whether you're talking race, religion or background. While the school does make a visible effort to fix this, there is still a long way to go.


Well the worst thing at my school is also the most frustrating. I just hate that I am in class 7 hours a week more than most people, and it doesn't show whatsoever.


There are no technical programs for those who want to do concert tech stuff.