University of Puget Sound Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who prefers smaller class sizes and enjoys being on a smaller campus. It's a great school for the arts, sciences, and foreign language degrees, and also has a wide variety of options to study abroad.


Someone thinking about attending Puget Sound should consider the tight-knit community the school offers. It's difficult to get lost in the system or forgotten. However, the academic caliber and expectations are still very high. The best kind of person for Puget Sound is one who is highly motivated, both academically as well as willing to actively participate in the larger community.


Anyone who wants to attend a small school with a strong community should consider this school. Not only are the class sizes fairly small to facilitate good relationships with peers and professors, the professors here are always willing to dedicate one-on-one time to students outside of the classroom. There is a place for everyone at this school; students here have such diverse interests that anyone can find a place for themself in at least one of the many activities offered here on campus.


Someone who is outdoorsy, hippy, loves coffee/tea, doesn't mind lots of rain, and loves to explore and learn new things.


A person who is willing to branch out and make friends with people they may not think they have much in common with upon first impression. Some of my best friends at college are people I may have avoided during high school but have built the most meaningful relationships with at this university. People who are willing to put in the hard work necessary to make the grades they want while understaning that the social opportunities provided by this school may be unlike anything you will ever be able to experience again in your life.


Somebody looking for a challenging, and rewarding, learning experience should definitely come to this school; someone who enjoys small classes; close, personal attention and encouragement from professors; and a community of friendly students and faculty. Truthfully, the welcoming, engaging atmosphere of this school has been one of the most rewarding things to me. Anyone interested in pursuing a liberal arts education filled with tons of different perspectives and approaches in the classroom would fit in perfectly with the kind of learning environment here. Someone who loves the outdoors and is looking to study abroad will find plenty of opportunities.


If you want small class sizes, professors that know your name, and an education that will make you the best and brighetest you can be, you should come to Puget Sound. We are also full of opportunities. Students can start their own clubs and even apply for funding to support their endeavors. Our student body is eclectic. Some of the most popular majors are Biology, Business, International Political Economy, and Music. The Arts thrive at Puget Sound. In fact, our campus radion station just won the MTV Woodie Award for the best college radio station in the country! Come Visit!


Someone academically driven but that doesn't have too specific of a career in mind.


This school is very open minded. People who come her should be willing to accept many differnt types of people. They should also be someone ready to get involved in many different areas of study and extracirricular activities. And though it is a very friendly campus so that people who like to have friends from many differnet circles, it is also tends to have a lot of cliques.


Someone who wants attentive and communicative faculty, who enjoys a smaller community full of friendly people. It helps if you enjoy the outdoors or have an appreciation for the environment because this school is very outdoorsy and puts a lot of emphasis on being eco-conscious. This is also an academically challenging school and students are really engaged in learning.


A rich, white, liberal, pot smoking, under achiever.


The University of Puget Sound is a great school for anyone who really wants to learn. If you are the sort of person who wants to get a well-rounded education and are willing to work hard this might be the place for you. If all you want is training for a specfific career this may not be the right school. If your creative, innovative, open-minded, and ready to learn and have a great tim doing it you'll fit in well.


People who are willing to put themselves out there to get involved. It takes effort to feel like a part of this community, but the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.