University of Puget Sound Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students that do not enjoy rain or having cloudy days for at least half the school year. Also, students that want to attend a large school with more than 3,000 students and want to have classes with more than 50 students in their average class.


A person should not attend University of Puget Sound if they are looking for a competitive and enthusiastic sports atmosphere, large class sizes, and anonymity.


Someone who isn't very open minded or willing to adapt. Someone who isn't willing to try hard and wants their work handed to them. Someone who wants to party and solely be social. A person who doesn't care about the size of the class or relationship with their teacher. A person who wants all the friends in the world and something new to do all the time. Puget Sound doesn't have a huge party life. There are small classes and you somehow know everyone. It's a small campus and you have to love that.


You should not attend this school if you are interested in partying. This school is very focused on your future and academics.


If you are a hard party going person, this may not be the school for you. It is highly academically driven and the courses are not that easy to blow off and still make it with a passing grade.


Since the school is a small, liberal arts college, students that are looking for a big school with plenty of degree seeking options may want to consider something a bit bigger. The University of Puget Sound offers majors mainly focusing in on Math, Business, and Occupational/Physical Therapy. Also, if a student has a tight budget, this school is very expensive. They give out a large amount in scholarships and grants, but it still ends up being more pricey than most other schools.


You should not attend the University of Puget Sound if you aren't excited about learning, willing to fully commit to your education, and don't enjoy the Pacific Northwest weather. At Puget Sound you need to be a self-motivated student and willing to work with many different types of people. It gets quite rainy and overcast here so if you only flourish in the sun, this campus will be hard for you to live on.


If you are looking to power through school without getting to know your professors or actively engage in campus life, the University of Puget Sound is not for you. It is an extremely small school designed around the philosophy of integrating an active community in order to further enrich your education. If you are only attending school for a degree, then steer clear.


People who know the subject and direction they want to focus their acedemics. To really appreciate this school you will want to do the full libral arts experience and try things from many different subjects. Conservative minded people or people who do not apreaciate social diversity will probably have a hard time here feeling accepted.


If you are really looking for a conservitive or religious school this shouldn't be your school of choice. It is a perfect school for people looking for a smaller setting and who are open to learn new things.


An intelligent kid who doesn't completely fit in at their public school.


Outdoorsy, smart, adventurous, happy, liberal, people


Someone who's very focused on a math or science career to go to med school.


A person who knows what they want to do should be careful attending here, many people come here and find they were wrong! Also somebody looking for a big greek life should know that while there is a greek system, it is small and somewhat self-contained. This is not a school for someone looking for a huge student body and large lectures. I have never had a class with more than 25 people in it.


If you dont like hard work and time committments, do not go to school here. While there are a ton of resources available and students do help eachother out as well, there is a lot of independent study.


People who need a large campus body. This school is small, with only 3000 students, and you will see the same people every day


Non-tolerant individuals. UPS is extremely diverse (intellectually).