University of Puget Sound Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how many great food options are available to students off campus. Yes, the food court at the school is better than many other schools, but I still get tired of it from time to time. The wide variety of food options available to students outside campus allows students to take a break from the food at the campus food court. The off-campus food places are also easily accessible, with many in walking distance from campus.


It was a bit difficult to come in and meet people and make friends as an off-campus transfer student. I wish I had known the school has a dark room that anyone can use for $10 a semester and there is a photo-services team that students can join and get paid for photo assignements.


I wish I would have known what a challenge entering college is, it has really forced me to become a man, to be independent, to push myself farther than I thought possible.


I wish I had been more prepared for the differences in culture between my home state of Connecticut and the state of Washington, particularly a very liberal school in Washington. The adjustment took a few months, but after that point I was very happy with my choice of college. I also wish that I had put more emphasis on and recognized the importance of my GPA during my first two years.


I wish I would have known that college is hard right away and that I needed to spend much more time and be more thorough on my homework. I also wish I would have known how to structure my time better and find the balance between work and free-time.


How much more challenging the classes would be, especially as a science major. There are certain majors that I feel are comparable to high school, but for an exercise science major like myself, we cover as much material in 3 months as I would have expected to learn in an entire year of high school. Building the habit of reading textbooks and studying throughout the course of class instead of waiting until the week before a test would have allowed me to have greater successes in the ealy stages of my coolegiate academic experience.


I wish I had known how truly comfortable it is here at UPS before I came. The summer before my freshman year I was a nervous wreck about anything related to campus life, but within the first two days I was immediately put at ease. I wish I had known how simple it was to be happy here because I could have saved myself a lot of stress and worry.


I wish I had known, from my conversations prior with a particularly warm advisor, how friendly the environment was at this school. I was so worried, partly because I hadn't visited the campus before enrolling, about making friends. i quickly found out, though, how easy it was to connect with people because of the small, tight-knit, welcoming community on campus. I wish I had known how incredible the music school's concerts are. And finally, i wish I had known how many opportunities there are for outdoors lovers, and how easy it is to get involved with them.


More about the areas it's not so good in like alumni relations, transportation, etc.


I wish I had known that it would be so cloudy all the time.


Nothing about the school in particular. It was more of a "what I would have wanted to know about moving out of your parents house and growing up" in general kinda thing.