University of Redlands Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Beautifully kept atmosphere for personal and academic growth that is nurtured by professors and fellow students alike.


A supportive community and challenging education where you can find the best version of yourself and help others do the same.


The University of Redlands is such a picturesque campus. As you drive down Colton Avenue, you drive right through the middle of campus and you immediately see palm tree's lining the street. To the left is our luscious quad surrounded by dorms on either side and the Chapel sitting at the end. To the right is the original administration building, with tall Greek columns sitting atop a small rose garden and hedge bushes that spell out REDLANDS. As you continue driving down Colton Avenue, you will hit a third stop light and to the left is Hunsaker plaza. Here is the campus post office, campus bookstore, the Irvine Commons Plaza Cafe and University Club that provide food to students. There is a fountain right next to the road and down Hunsaker plaza you see the newly renovated entrance to Armacost Library. To the right is Currier gymnasium, another one of the historic and original buildings on campus. Past Hunsaker plaza you can see the orange groves, tennis courts, and back side of Stauffer Complex which houses the science and math halls. Walking through campus you will see a mixture of historic, classic looking buildings in addition to more modern and sustainable looking buildings. Last year our campus was presented an award for having an arbor friendly campus and with all the different species of trees just on our campus, you will understand why. Our groundskeeping crew works hard to keep the grass green, plants pruned, and tree's trimmed. With the San Bernardino mountains in the background, our campus actually looks like something you would see on a postcard.


Beautiful! You drive into campus on Colton Avenue and on either side of you'll see green grass and lots of palm trees. You wil also see a gorgeous view to your left of our Chapel and a back drop of snow peaked mountians (depending on the season). To your right you will see our Admissions building standing on top of a hill, overlooking the campus. Its breathtaking.


The campus has beautiful architecture and the land is well maintained by facilties. The quad is home to our many intramural sports and multicultural events throughout the year. Snow covered mountains present the backdrop of campus.


University of Redlands is a school that is going to push you, undoubtably harder than you have ever been pushed before; however, here you have the support of not only your fellow students, but the professors as well.


The University of Redlands is very diverse, and is also not too huge for those who don't prefer big campuses.


Great university with professors who care about their subjects and teaching them.


A private institution with a modest student body of about 2500, the University of Redlands was founded in 1906; each of its schools carries the traditions of the 20th century into the 21st, most notably the Johnston school, which offers students the opportunity to form their own fields of study (emphases) from the wide variety of available standard curricula and community-based events; a campus able to cater to both traditionalists and modernists, the University of Redlands continues to develop a program that is relevant and impactful, in the immediate San Bernardino area and outward.


Amazing--best choice I ever made, absolutely excellent!


A small, friendly and dynamic interdiciplinary institution.


The University of Redlands is a fun-loving, intelligent environment home to many driven students with diverse, and often ground-breaking, beliefs and goals


My school is supportive and helpful of my goals.


U of R is too small, and I do not feel like I am receiving the education I should be with all the money I'm paying to attend.


The University of Redlands is my home away from home.


Beautiful, supportive, small classes, plenty of diversity in classes, students, staff, and clubs and a great sense of community.


Its a great school with awsome programs.


Very open to liberal studies and ideas.


My school is a small campus that fosters a friendly learning environment that encourages everyone to do their best.


The University of Redlands is a small school focused on you and the community.