University of Redlands Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Redalnds in known for having a diverse community in which individuals can thrive in whatever area of academia they wish to pursue-- whethere it is arts, science, music, education, or business. It isknown for a hands-on education that is best for the student, moreover an education a student can enjoy. It's a small school that has big successes. Attending Redlands made me realize that small, discussion-style classes and community involvement really help people learn best.


A beautiful campus, great teachers, and a great administrative board that keeps in touch with you even after you have graduated and started your career.


Personally, wasting money. The school has the unique ability to gather large sums of money and waste them on unimportant, non-student oriented activites. An example would be 3 years ago when the school raised millions upon millions for a "centennial party." Today there are still dorms without heat or air conditioning, and sub-par conditions. This school is also around 3,000 students, yet parking is incredibly hard to find.


The Johnston center of learning which allows students to create their own majors to their likings. The music school is very large and prestigious. Also the drug use on campus is quite popular and many teachers and other academic people are very aware of the recreational use on campus.


The University of Redlands is best known for its Music department, as well as its Business department, particularly at the graduate level.


My school is best known for their communicative disorders program and their excellent sports teams.


small, intimate class room, helpful professors, johnstons prog (design your own major) and business program


Redlands is best known for its friendly, small town atmosphere, where everyone knows your name.


Our school is best known for their small class sizes and the liberal Johnston program on your campus. Johnston allows for students to contract their own majors, basically they can create their own program. Our campus is also well known for its beautiful location.


Our pre-med program.