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The MBA program has a diverse academic rigors in offering different types of programs from many of the top business schools. It's like Harvard MBA work but at only a third of the cost.


I love it. Its a wonderful school filled with wonderful people, the academics are great, and the campus is beautiful. I really only have one complaint and that is simply that the sprinklers always turn on right when I'm walking by them. But there are far worse things that could happen. This is a great school!


I love the University of Redlands! My only advice to perspective students: come check out Redlands and see the amazing potential this small university has to offer.


Moral of the story Redlands is a great school, not perfect, but still worth while. We have great professors, an acessible administration team, and plenty of stuff to do when you have nothing else or are just trying to put off a paper, yes we put off papers.


Redlands really is my home away from home! I love being here, even when there aren't many other students here! The campus and people are beautiful. The relationships you get with friends, significant others, faculty, administration, even grounds crew is amazing; and the academics are something I couldn't ask for anywhere else!


The campus is beautiful with a lot of trees and grass and wide open spaces and beautiful buildings. The town is quiet and safe. The brand new coffee shop under the library is awesome. The weather is great. Over all i love it here and will be sad to leave in a year.


The university of redlands understands the difficulties and hardships that freshmen students face when coming to a university where they can feel lost and find themselves quite alone and depressed because of comfort zone issues, confidence issues, family problems, or any event that has shyed them away from real open socialization with their fellow peers, so to help these few students overcome this problem they have developed a special 3 day program called Train, and through this program students see that they are truly not alone and build a network of friendships that would have otherwise been impossible to establish.


Large campus (160 acres). smaller population of students (2400 undergrad), strong emphasis on study abroad (40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} go abroad), good international business division, fun atmosphere, great facilities


The Johnston Center! As a member of Johnston. I get to personalize my education by creating my own major and taking the classes I want to take. I get narrative evaluations instead of grades. It's great!


This school is closest to my home and the area in which I grew up. Everything I need from groceries to close family is nearby. This school also offered the most financial aid and has some of the smallest class sizes in comparison to other schools.


The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies is one of a very small number of independant studies available to students in the modern American college/university path.


The small campus provides a strong sense of community. Redlands prepares students for the real world by providing a diverse range of academia. The school has a huge alumni network that helps students grow in and outside the Redlands community. The professors and staff are extremely friendly and care deeply for the students at the school.


small class rooms, no classes taught by TAs, most professors have Phds


They are extremely friendly and helpful. Also, all the classes are based off of your learning. There are group activities but it does not account for the whole class or your whole grade because that can be unfair.


it is a great small private school, that really offers many experiences and very diverse programs of things to do, and learn from. All of the faculty and staff as well as the students are very friendly and give back to the community as much as they can. The curriculum is challenging yet can be managed with many extracuricular activities like for example myself. im a double major involved in two organizations and hold many chairs within them and still have time to work, have a social life as well as give back to my community.


Small campus offers a close knit community and one on one time with professors


Small class sizes all the way around, located at the Base of Big Bear allows for a spectacular view. It is also just about an hour away from, skiing, hiking, beaches and the desert and only three hours from Las Vegas. It also had an environemntal studies department, which is a fairly new program nation wide.