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What are the academics like at your school?


It all depends on the course that you are taking. The amount of work is based on the type of course. Math and Science courses will have their fair share of work as English and Psychology will too. Tutoring at Redlands is free which is sweet! You are allowed two hours of tutoring per course, so if you are taking four courses (general load) and you need tutoring in all of them then that is eight hours of FREE tutoring! I am double major in Psychology and Creative Writing and almost all of my courses have been discussion based. It is great because you get a lot of interaction with your professor and other students. I came to college to broaden my horizons (cliche) and hear the different opinions of students from all over. That is exactly what I am getting.


One of the great things about being at a small liberal arts college is the small class sizes. I can say with confidence that as a junior, each of my professors has known my name and the majority of them still recognize me around campus and ask how I am doing. With small classes, students don't get lost in the mix and class participation actually means something. I am a psychology major with a minor in physical education and athletics. I declared my major after taking Introduction to Psychology and as I was turning in my declaration my professor was in the psychology office. I later found out she would be my advisor and she has been extremely helpful in providing me with resources and keeping me on track to graduate. Professors are great at offering their time outside of class and being as helpful as they can. My favorite class so far has been Instructional Strategies for Physical Education. The class was for my minor and I expected it to be an easy class that would teach me how to be a P.E. teacher. The class was so much more than that. Professor Scott Kerby taught us way beyond being just a P.E. teacher but being an educator and what that means to students, parents, and fellow educators. That class changed my perspective on what I wanted to do with my future and I think the change is for the better. What's great and unique about academics at Redlands is the flexibility. The Johnston program allows for students to create their own major or emphasis. Outside of Johnston, advisors and professors are great about working with students to make sure they can get what they want out of their time spent in class. For instance, I want to end up with a master's degree in sport psychology. Although there are not sport psychology courses consistently offered, I have talked with my professors about what I want to do and they are very helpful in allowing me to steer my assignments toward sport psychology. Overall, classes are what you get out of them but professors make it very easy to get the most out of their class.


The thing that I personally LOVE about the UofR is that we aren't just a number. Here is where our professors know our names, and not only that, but they also know what we are interested in and who we are as a person and not just another paper that they have to grade. They get to know our personalities and can ask us about certain things if they are interested. This being said, our professors here all have office hours that are open to all students, and a lot of the professors are really quick to respond to a question via email. Also, some professors even give out their cell phone numbers should you have a question as well. Our classes here are mainly discussion based so class participation is not only common is expected. If you think you can sit in class and not talk at all, you are incorrect. We are expected to come to class prepared and ready for a discussion and not only with our classmates, but with the professor as well. This adds a level of work to the class, but it also is something I love because you get so much more out of the class material this way. :) Right now I am in a class that focuses solely on Popular Culture. Its a Social-Antropology class that is all about how our generation views popular culture and how it has changed over time. SUPER interesting :) I feel like our school is definitely geared towards getting a job but then also on learning. Students here all take classes because they are interested in them, which fuels our desire to get jobs after graduation. There are so many opportunities that a Redlands student has by just being student here for job opportunities and internships. Its just a matter of who takes advantage of them.


The classes are small and all taught by professors who actually know you as a student. This is the best aspect of classes at Redlands. Another awesome aspect is the flexibility. Since it is a smaller school it’s not impossible to get classes you need. This allows more flexibility to take classes outside of your department or major, which truly improves the well-roundedness of the students. You can also get credit for classes abroad, which really opens up the possibilities. I took classes in Barcelona and Costa Rica, which was phenomenal.


Class sizes are small, about 18-22 students on average. It allows for a lot of face time with your professors. They really ask a lot of you because they know you personally and know what you're capable of. They are also willing to work with you and get you any help you need. So while the academics are challenging, we are given plenty of resources to make sure that the challenge can be met.


As a business student I feel my courses are challenging and insightful. Not only do I learn basic theories from the professors and text books but I have had the opportunity to get real world experience out in the field. In my BUS 226 class I acted as a health inspector for some local restaurants in the area. After the inspection I put together a business strategy to help the restaurants avoid critical issues in the future. In my junior year my adviser and Career services helped land an internship in the summer with one of the largest privately held companies in the world. With a business administration degree from the University of Redlands I am confident that I will launch my career upon graduation.


I have yet to meet a professor that doesn;t have tme to help a student, if it's durning office hours, after class or over e-mail they are there to help clarify a lesson or jumpstar an essay or reveiw said essay and help with improvemnts. Of course each class is differnt but other students are usually pretty helpful when you've missed a class or are just looking for a study session. We have recently had a new 24 hour study lounge built under the library that is simply the coolest thing ever. There are comfy couces, tables lots of floor space and private rooms with T.V.s that can be hookes up easily to a laptop for a group study ssession.


My favorite class was probably the Johnston class called: This is not a course: Satire, Irony, and Parody. It was a great course because it was taught by Sharon Oster and Greg Salyer who are a dynamic duo of awesomeness! That class really brought me to my love for reading and an academic fervor that is insurmountable! With the small classes, it's almost impossible not to participate. If your professor realizes that you haven't said anything, they will often direct questions your way, but not necessarily at you, in order to get your opinion on a class topic. My favorite part about academics at Redlands is that they don't just stay in the class. I often find myself talking about issues outside of class as much as I'm talking about them inside! It's also really fun to walk into a conversation and have it evolve into 4 or 5 other topics before returning to the original one. Professors are the greatest! I love meeting up with them outside of class, not only for academics related things but just to talk! I've had dinner at professors' houses, I've had friends who house sat for professors, but the best is when you ask to meet with them and they buy you lunch!


small class sizes, good professors who give you personal attention and are really accessible, good classes that are interesting and challenging. I know all my professors on a first name basis


The academics here are very good. There aren't many classes to choose from, but the ones they do offer are very good. The professors are nice and its easy to be on a first name basis with all of them.


the academic life is like any other school you have to put in the time and effort if you want to make it here. Professors are not going to just let you slide by but i am an average student and i plan to be better in the future and anyone can do it. All it takes is you though no one is going to hold your hand but every professor is there if you need help with somehting during office hours and there is tutoring available for any department if you need extra help.