University of Redlands Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Redlands is conveniently located in the middle of various biomes and as an Environmental Science major, my professors take advantage of that. In the past two years, my Environmental courses have taken me backpacking in Joshua Tree, whale watching in Long Beach, camping in Salton Sea, hiking in the San Bernardino Mountains, and more. I love that the professors in my department utilize the outdoors as an extension of the classroom. My professors are friendly and helpful and all of them practice an open door policy which has ensured my success in many courses in which I have struggled.


I brag about the great professors and the small student to professor ratio as well as the strong feeling of community and the great and diverse amount of clubs and organizations. Also, that there is always a campus event going on so there is no lack of opportunity to meet new people and get involved.


As an adult learner, I understand how difficult it is to find a college program that fits a working professional?s busy schedule. My search for a University was disappointing as many of the local state schools do not offer classes at a time or location that worked with my schedule. The University of Redlands, School of Business accelerated program for working adults is ideal. Not only is the schedule ideal, the experiences brought to the table by my fellow students greatly enhanced the learning process as many of the concepts discussed could be easily applied to real-world examples.


Well get ready to laugh, I don't brag about my school, however I would recommend it to others that wanted to be single pointed and focused in their education. Obviously an adult program is more streamlined than hanging out on a campus all day, or having the luxury of being on campus all day and enjoying the social life that college offers. University of Redlands does have a great reputation, so maybe I might through that fact around a little bit after all!


The whole admissions process is done for me. Sure, I have to show up and do little stuff but they almost complete it all. The University of Redlands also has a gret team that is so willing to help.


The small classes are amazing! It allows students to build a relationship/bond with teachers and other students. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. The financial aid packet is amazing! The classes they have available and stucture of their academic program make it easy to graduate in 4 years. All the professors are friendly and anxious to help you succeed. The athletic teams dominate their leagues and the coaches are more than qualified for their position. The size of the school is small enough to know alot of people but large enough to have some privacy.


I brag most about the residence hall life here. Students are challenged everyday by their Community Assistants to take an active role in their school community.


Small classrooms with interactive teachers; beautiful campus.


Location, location, location.


The rigorous academics in the business department--they pushed us hard but I got an awesome education and I know a lot! I brag about how beautiful the campus and the town are--like an oasis in the desert, by the mountains AND the beach! I brag about how we're so cohesive--one alumni relations person told me she compared Redlands alumns to the West Coast Mafia in how much we help each other out and support each other! I brag about how fun it was, and what amazing friends I made so quickly.


My sorority. The bonds I created at the U of R because of my sorority (or friends I met through sorority sisters) are everlasting. None of my friends had social experiences like I did, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.


I tell them how beautiful my campus is and how much I love the small class sizes.


Great financial aid, amazing teachers, not too big where you get lost but not too small where everyone knows everybody.


the johnston center for integrative studies. it is an interdiciplinary program. you can create your own education, you write course contracts and receive written evaluations of your work instead of grades. i feel it is a more hands-on way to approach your education.


Since I play soccer here at the university, I tend to brag about that. Playing a sport at the collegiate level is a big deal to some people. I am proud to be part of a team, especially a winning team.