University of Redlands Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


its so small!


The worst thing would be that the area surrounding the university is either very rich or very poor so it makes for an interesting off campus life.


I have not found to dislike anything here at Redlands thus far.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity.


The food options have their high points and low points just like any other school...


U of R is in a college town, and it's small. It's easy to make community connections and find friends, but I missed the big-city feel of living in other cities in my life, like Portland, OR, or Amsterdam for my semester abroad. The environment is supportive from a large-scale view, but it is also very cliquey in petty ways. I think the best thing for that is more community-based programming and a re-designed version of the First Year Seminar, a peer group for new students.


If you don't have access to a car you really dont have a whole lot of options for what to do over the weekend, as there is not a whole lot that goes on around the school.


The lack of culture in the surrounding city, also the lack of public transportation.


There is little trust between professors and students- we are not often treated as adults but rather as children who need coddling.


The school needs to build its communal standards to the weekends. Often referred to as the University of Deadlands on the weekends, the campus grows amazingly quiet on Friday night and Saturdays as students often venture elsewhere to find things to keep occupied.


How expensive the meal plans are.


it is almost impossible to get off of the meal plan or off-campus housing. they make these things a lot harder than they should be, and the administration in general gives a bit of a run-around. i wish they were more accomodating for my physical/mental health problems. i have struggled a lot with these things on campus because i need...special accomodations, you could say. they are really hit or miss.


The worst thing about this school would be the tuition and probably the dorm situation but it's worth it!


the only thing i would think of as bad at my school it the surrouding stores, there are some but not major malls that are near by.


Sometimes it's difficult to activate students that aren't involved and get them to take the reigns. I think this is because many students may feel that it's not their place, although many of our students were VERY involved in their high schools prior to coming here.


I find the worst thing about Redlands the division between the Johnston Center and the College of Arts and Sciences. I find that there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides and that it creates a division. With that said, I DON'T find that it gets in the way of me having CAS friends while in Johnston or CAS people having friends with Johnston students. I just find it more as a theoretical, abstract division based on the idea of Johnston and the idea of CAS while on a person to person basis, the divide is non-existant.




Because of the amazing classs sizes, getting the classes you want during registration time can be VERY diffficult and most definitley the cost.


The worst thing about Redlands is the amount of things to do off campus.