University of Redlands Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are willing to put school as their number one focus in their life should attend University of Redlands. Students who put their very best effort in everything they do, and who will never give up, should attend University of Redlands.


A person who actually likes to learn, and is willing to talk, participate, and read will enjoy the school. The classes are challenging, but I throughly enjoy the classes. The school attracts both student-athletes and free-spirits, and people who like to know most of their classmates and teachers will like this school. You form a lot of close relationships, it is a very tight-knit atmosphere.


A person who enjoys a small community. The campus is large and beautiful; however, the student body is very small. Be prepared to see a lot of the same students day to day. The classes are small which is great because of the individual attention one may receive. However, be prepared to hold good social skills since it may be tough at first to make friends and fit in like you once did in High School. There is no peer pressure whatsoever. Overall tight school.


In addition to the satellite campuses, the University of Redlands also offers a traditional learning experience to first-time college students. Before I enrolled, I never even considered Redlands as a possibility for myself or my children as the private school tuition seemed out of reach for us financially. Since then, however, I have recommended to nearly everyone I know who is considering school for themselves or dependents to look at Redlands. My husband is now enrolled in their undergraduate business adult program, and my friend?s daughter is considering transferring from a Cal State school in the fall.


Anyone who is outgoing, friendly, ready for fun experiences. You should want personalized attention from your teachers (they will know your name, so don't count on never going to lectures!). You should want to be involved, both in school activities and in the community. You should be willing to work hard for your education. You should like the heat!! You can either like going out or staying in--Redlands has both, by being a small town in the middle of Southern California with everything close by!


I believe that any person who wants to get an education could attend this school


Every kind of person should attend this school. There are so many opportunities to thrive and excel at this university. We are a very diverse campus and take pride in that as well as our academics.


Someone who wants a small town and small school experience. The biggest class size I've heard of was 30 or less. There's a huge variety of classes so someone who doesn't know what they want to do, has the perfect opportunity to take whatever they want.


People who want small-classroom sizes and direct professor interaction.


The UofR is great for those who want one-on-one interaction with their professors. Also, if you're interested in pursuing a very specific major, the Johnston Center lets you design your own major. Regarding activities, Redlands itself is pretty boring, so most of the activity is either on-campus or out of town (L.A., the beach, the mountains). Also, there are several on-campus organizations, but some of the best times spent at the UofR are just hanging out in dorm lobbies, or going to sports events, concerts, and parties.


Anyone who likes a laid back yet education oriented community, which is small enough to feel like a close knit community yet large enough to always meet someone new.


If you don't mind spending most, if not all, of your time on campus with other students, and you don't need a strong sense of diversity on your campus, then Redlands is for you.


A liberal person. It is a very liberal college, and a lot of creative people attend this school. this is a good school for people who think outside the box.