University of Redlands Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who have money issues.


No one is excluded form this University, but if a person has not fulfilled certain academic requirements before applying, they are less likely to be accepted.


Someone who is looking for a large community, big social life on the weekends, large classes. In addition, someone who prefers to be near the beach. Redlands is located 70 miles inland from Los Angeles.


A person who know what they want to do. In this school the sooner you know the better, and the more you are able to utilize the resources given at this school. A lot of internships or programs that are career oriented are geared towards younger students. A person would also need to be flexible as this school changes course requirements for majors often, is under construction, and school policies very often.


Very conversative students may feel out of place, the campus is very open. Many of the students are very liberal. The campus strives for diversity and acceptance of all lifestyles and choices.


A person who relys on others to make friends. There are plenty of people who are nice, but they will not do the work for you. If you are introduced to someone new by someone else it is up to you to make the conversation


Someone who isn't afraid to get involved. In order to fit in at the U of R you need to put yourself out there! Whether that's getting involved in your dorm, clubs, Greek life, sports, or anything else you can think of, get involved and you won't regret it!


People who expect to party at college like you see in the movies. Most of people's social lives revolved around frat/sorority parties, but due to it being a small campus, they weren't massive (or even massively entertaining). Also during my tenure, due to some hazing issues, it's now a dry campus at frat/sorority parties. Also, any student who wants to get "lost in the crowd" of an enormous campus/class sizes shouldn't attend the UofR. Classes there compared to the big UC's are extremely small, so more student discussion/class participation is expected.


Someone who isn't motivated by learning.. We have a few of those people already attending and it is sad that they are wasting that money if they don't want to take school seriously.




Those who want a large or very active and diverse campus. Also, those looking for a place where there's always something going on.


People who want experts in their fields in cutting-edge research.


If you're looking for a big party school where you'll be anonymous, this is not the place for you. The Uof R is a small community where everyone crosses paths at some point. Also, it's a "party school" but the parties are smaller and you'll always bump into someone you know, but you'll also meet people you might not get a chance to meet through class.


Someone who isn't open to new ideas, or learning something new everyday shouldn't come here. People at this school tend to be a little more liberal or at least accepting, and if that's not an environment that you can get used to you shouldn't come to this University.


Someone who feels like they need a supportive, open-minded community to accept them as an individual.