University of Redlands Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


the food service


Some students seem to think that they have a free ride just because they go to a top school.


Admittance of more students, but not offering enough classes to keep class sizes small. I had to stay an extra semester because they only offered them one semester per year. Sometimes they seem to be more concerned with money than with hiring on amazing professors to compensate. Also, the big draw is studying abroad: I was not able to study abroad, due to many reasons (ex: stated above). My advice: make sure YOU stay on top of study abroad meetings, creating wiggle room in your plan, or being prepared to stay an extra semester if you want to study abroad.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that not all dorms have the same facilities despite the fact that we all pay the same room and board fee. Some dorms do not have air conditioning whereas other dorms do. Also some dorms are more run down and old whereas other dormitories have been renovated and are brand new. There are dormitories that are very close to the lecture halls and cafeteria and library whereas other dormitories are faraway. The university has been rather slow in renovating and maintaining the old dorms also building more dorms to maintain the population.


Honestly? Waking up for an 8 AM class. For everything else there is more than enough help from professors, faculty and staff, as well as tutoring on campus.


location--the city is small, so there's not much to do in the immediate area


Can't think of anything


The most frustrating thing about Redlands is there is nothing to do on the weekends. Most students live nearby and go home on the weekends.


Because it is so small, a lot of drama goes on whether you try to stay away from it or not. There's always someone avoiding somebody else, which is difficult.


Currently, the head of the Spanish department, Ivonne Vailakis.