University of Redlands Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best aspect about the University of Redlands would be its student size. Being at such a small undergraduate school allows students to thrive in the classroom and receive any extra aid. It is extremely easy to communicate and get to know the professors on a intimate and personal level that simply is not possible at large public universities. A small school also allows for students to make bonds and connections with people that share similar interests and strive for the same level of academic growth.


THe people here are kind. I've made really great friends here.


The best part about University of Redlands is the professor to student ratio; all of my teachers know me by first and last name, whether I have turned in an assignment or not, and if I go to class which really, really pushes me to work even harder in all of my classes.


The class sizes are great because there are usually about 25 students in each class. This allows for a closer relationship with teachers, which means teachers can help you in the areas where you are having trouble more easily because they have enough time to get to know each student individually. The small class size also allows for discussions amongst students and makes it easier for questions to be asked and answered in class.


The best thing about the U of R is the small community on campus. The professors are very warm and helpful and it is a very welcoming and open environment. You are sure to find a club or sport on campus that interests you with the varied groups on campus.


It has the best schedule for me.


Either the financial aid packet or the professors. The packet creates an opportunity for many middle to low income people to receive a quality higher education. The professors have a passion for what their teaching and really get you in engaged in the material. They are extremely friendly and willing to help, which makes the college experience that much better.


The academics, campus, and teaching staff.


The best thing about my school is the small classroom sizes and the fact that the professor knows each individual person in that classroom. We are able to have more productive and open classroom discussions and the professors strongly encourages students to express their viewpoints in class. They are also available to students for extra help and advice outside of class. They definitely respond to their emails in a timely manner. They are also willing to help the students do well in the class and are flexible of students handing in their work late.


Athletics. We dominate.


The staff/atmosphere of the school, when touring and once attending the staff makes you feel wanted and important to them, much more than other schools who made me feel much more like just another paycheck from tuition. Redlands makes you feel important to them and that they will really listen to you and actually follow through with their promises.


The bets thing I would say is the class size is quite small, so speaking directly with the professor is easy. Also, I like how it is located near the mountains, so my friends and I can go hiking, camping, etc.


The best thing about my school is the accesibility of the faculty and/or professors. They are always available to talk about whatever you want. I feel safe talking with my professors about personal issues. They are also experienced and have extensive knowledge which is great when they give advice and suggestions.


Small classes. Great connection with professors.


I love how the professors are always available to you- they even give you their home telephone number!! I ask a lot of questions, and they are always enthusiastic to explain fully or give me extra explainations. Also, the extra curricular activities are amazing. I am involved in Outdoor Programs where we go on hiking, backpacking, skiing, and all kinds of trips during the weekends and breaks.


the best thing about Redlands is that it is small enough to be an intimate community but it is large enough to where you don't know everyone. It is really cool to have seen people around atleast once on campus. So you know everyone but not "everyone".