University of Rhode Island Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school tries to set students up to be able to make the most out of every career opportunity we are given.


A place where untold adventures, experiences and opportunities await.


My School gives you as much as you try and take (or gain) from it.


My school is a hands on and friendly school that works hard and plays hard.


The University of Rhode Island is a college with class, offering a variety of undergraduate majors, hundreds of clubs to get involved, and a breathtaking campus.


URI is my home away from home.


A beautiful environment for reasearching and learning.


Uiversity life on a small comfortable campus.


My school is large and full of many differnt people from many different backgrounds which allows me to learn new things and expand my boundaries while getting higher education.


The campus is located in a rural area with beautiful old buildings, as well as, many new high tech facilities being built, it is a medium sized coed, and diverse.


URI is a vibrant school filled with great people; there is always something interesting going on.


My school is a very large co-ed university. The undergraduate class holds 10,579 full-time students. My school, The University of Rhode Island has nationally renouned programs such as Pharamacy, Engineering and Marine Biology/Oceanography. Many students travel from various states and even parts of the world come to The Univerisity of Rhode Island because of its prestigious programs. Outside of the classroom, The Univeristy of Rhode Island is known for its competitve divison one sports program. Sports ranging from hockey, lacrosse, soccer, track and field, football also bring in the best and brightest athletes.


The campus itself is really nice especially the quad and the old looks of the buildings. The inside of most of the buildings although they look old, are pretty new.


The Univeresity of Rhode Island is a great school to attend, you learn a lot and make tons of friends.


A great place to learn about yourself and the world.


The University of RHode Island is a school filled with vast academic opportunities within all fields ranging from marine biology to communications, but in order to utilize the gorgeous New England set campus to it's full potential its notable advising and student anahancement services must be taken full advantage of, because it will only better one's outcome and job placement upon graduation of this fine institution.


My School is a very social school but it is a good educational institution especially when it coes to the nursing and science programs.


School is very interesting.




My school is very diverse and is a very beautiful campus that everyone can enjoy.


The University of Rhode Island is the ideal school for those living an hour away but still want to feel like they are away from home in order to acheive the thrill of campus life!


my school is a good school to get an education and the ability to receive any sort of experience in your field of study. This school has alot to offer but when it comes down to it the cost for out-of state does not match what this school has to offer; pretty much with what I'm paying i should go to a more prestiges school.


University of Rhode Island is very goal oriented and created the perfect atmosphere for a successful future.


The University of Rhode Island is giving me an alternative chance for success, so I can break the economically challanged cycle I was born into.


The University of Rhode Island is a medium-sized school in a small beach community that has competitive programs in Business, Engineering and Nursing, yet falters on funding for other majors.


URI is a striking university with brainpower in every class and hall understanding what is past, present, and future of discovery.


A place where if you put in the effort you can succeed at any task.


The University of Rhode Island has the reputation as a party to school, but it has great programs and facilities that make it possible to get a good education while still having the full college experience.


This school has its up and downs like any other school, but overall I can honestly say I have met some of the greatest people in the world and have had a more than great experience academically with my new change in major and I wouldn't change it for thw world.


URI is a variety of majors, people, and professors but everyone seems pretty happy to be there.


a great place to learn and meet all kinds of people


URI is a great school for those willing to work hard at it and offers lots of opprotunity to get involved with independent studies or research if the student looks for it - they expect you to be proactive and will expect you to come to them looking for outside projects and not visa versa. A good lesson in real world situations - made the transition to finding jobs and attending grad school easier because I already knew how to find and pursue the projects and people I needed to.


The University of Rhode Island is big and full of students ready to learn and make friends, as well as prepare themselves for their future.


The University of Rhode Island is a very culturally diverse, economically friendly, socially friendly and encouraging place to attend college.


At URI, the experience the student gets out of it is directly proportional to the amount of effort they put into getting involved.


Overall solid school well rounded in most aspects.


URI has been a wonderful experience.


Pretty campus, close to beaches and city shopping, good transportation, long walks to classes, some old old dorms, some brand new, lots of opportunities for clubs, etc.


The University of Rhode Island is academically, socially and interactivly successful.


The University of Rhode Island is a wonderful community of young adults in whick one can work, live, and strive for success.


It is a comfertable, safe place to study where you can always find firends.


I think the University of Rhode Island is a fun and academically challenging school to attend. It is a great place to meet new friends and accomodates many different programs.


URI was a great experience and I would make the same choice again; I highly recommend it to incoming students.


My school is trying to better itself but the students make that near impossible.


A fun friendly learning environment with lots of potential to impact the world.


It is a welcoming and friendly small-town environment.


My school is beautiful, welcoming and student orientated.


its cool if your willing to put in the time and effort.


University of Rhode Island is a great school offering many opportunities for people living in Rhode Island and cannot afford to go out of state.


A really fun place but not one that will completely distract you from doing well in classes.