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It is close to home and has the major that I am interested in.


The marine science courses are very good, the campus is very close to the coast. The campus is also home to some farms for the animal science majors.


The University of Rhode Island is an amazing place, with its famous faculty and its its highly acredited degrees. The main reason that i like it so much however, is due to its distance. It is a quite a distance away from the city, but is also near enough that i can go visit my family when ever I want. Also unlike other colleges that are situated in urban cities, URI is in a nice quiet suburban area which I like alot.


The unique thing about my school is that it has the Talent Development Program. It is a program for student who without their scholarships or assistance with school, minority students would not be able to attend the Unviersity. It also supports its students during a summer session along with a counselor and tutors that each studnet gets to maintain thier GPA while attending the univeristy.


Although the University of Rhode Island is a fairly large school, students often are able to connect with smaller groups and communities. There are many oppotunities for research and growth in different fields. Students often have a sense of the 'bigger picture' and always strive to make our world a better place through higher education.


It was close to home and cheaper than other options. The education-to-price ratio seemed correct for my needs.


the preparation for my career


The University of Rhode Island has an incredible library of historical garments that have been donated by families in the area.


The University of Rhode Island is a school where 61% of the students are residents of Rhode Island. I myself am from Rhode Island also. This is a unique quality that most people think isn't a good. "It's like a second high school!" "Don't you want to meet new people?"--a couple of complaints that I hear. If you're shy like me, you appreciate having a few friendly faces when placed in a new environment. I never had to worry about being the awkward kid eating alone because I hadn't made any friends yet.


This school offers a lot more than others when it comes to extra-curricular activites, internships, social life, and events in general. The professors are very intelligent in their fields and most are always willing to help when needed. The school spirit at URI is insane, everyone is always involved with the sports events. But more importantly, the Computer Science program at URI is excellent.


What Probably makes the school very unique is how there is help for every academic subject. There is a building called Roosevelt hall which is there to not only provide advising for students who want to find out what it is they want to do with their college career but also there is assistance for many classes ranging from Chemistry to help with developing essays and other works. Every week there are sessions called SI sessions which are designed to help those struggling with subjects such as biology, math and especially, chemistry.


URI is not a bad school.I wouldn't call it great,but it is a very good school if one is willing to work. It's mostly the students that tarnish it. Compared to other school I considered URI is not in the city, which I like. It is in a small town which is not overwhleming.


It's next to the ocean. That's nice during the summer. It's pretty cheap to enroll.


They have a lot of programs that are offered and different campuses to allow those who do not live on campus to work schooling around their schedule.


The initial reason that URI caught my attention was because of the ambiance of the campus. Although the grounds are not quite "Harvard Yard" caliber, there are still beautiful old trees towering above most of the walkways, and the architecture, especially in the new buildings, is absolutely dazzling. However, the most important factor in my decision to go to URI was their mentality, which is summed up by their slogan: "Think big. We do." Even though Rhode Island is the smallest US state, URI can't be dismissed so easily. It has a feel of a school on the rise.


Uniquely URI is a beautiful university and one that has my intended major. When I decided on what I want to study and do for the rest of my life I decided on a couple of important things. First, was the location, second was my intended major, and third are the people. As I have begun to discover that the first two important things on my list where covered, and the third was amazingly true. The employees are wonderful and so very helpful, you have a question they are there to answer you, unlike many others schools.


The college of Business is a well led college and inspires students to strive for their dreams


I chose to go to URI because they offered special privelages for first generation college students. The fact that they cared for students like us and understood our situations (financially and academically) made me feel like this school was the one for me. The program, known as Talent Development, is a great program at URI that helps minorities get a chance at success. Their support and belief in us is what made me chose URI out of the other schools that I applied to.


Although many state schools have many things in common such as having a large population, sports teams, and a strong sense of school spirit, i believe that the University of Rhode Island has much more to offer. My school is full of different students from all different ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. Not only does the immense diversity lead to acceptance and understanding, but it also enables me to get hands on experience from other cultures through my peers.


I like the location of the school.


It is is pretty when the weather is nice.


URI is so close to the beach, which is a necessity for me. The campus is in somewhat of a rural area, but Providence is 30 minutes away, Boston is an hour and a half, Newport is across the bridge, and going home to NY is only a ferry ride away. I love the diverse and involved atmosphere, and everyone is friendly and fun!


A unique aspect of my school is the networking available, particularly to help freshmen assimilate into the student population. Freshmen are placed into learning communities, a form of block scheduling that includes a 1 credit course designed to facilitate networking within the students' major and to ease students into university life. Each dorm is staffed with Resident Assistants that provide programs to help students meet each other and get involved. These tools are extremely helpful aids allowing freshmen to meet people in and out of their major, get involved on campus, and learn about the services the university offers.


The school that I attend now has so much diversity that I can experience different ways of life and cultures every day. Also I believe that the surroundings of the school gives me the best of both worlds; The beach is close, as well as the city. It is a great place to adventure, and meet new people, while learning alot and focusing on school work. Many of the students I have encountered so far are serious about their school work, but also are looking to have the time of their lives!!


The campus at URI is very inviting and friendly. Apart from the schools I have visited, URI was the first school where I felt potentially could be my "new home" for the next 4 years. The school's undeniable spirit at attending one of their basketball games brings family and friends together. Aside from the campus and its activities, the Business school was nominated one of the best business schools in the nation and just by passing through the school's library, I knew that this is where I wanted to present my studies for the next four years.


The location and size.


close to the beach and the city.


The University of Rhode Island is a college in which students can learn about their future occupation yet also have a social life. For instance, there is enough time allotted in order to complete one's work, yet there is still plenty of time for extracurricular activities. Additionally, it is conveniently located between Providence and Newport, giving students the best of both worlds.


The location of this school fit me better than the other schools. There was something about the University of Rhode Island that just made me happy and I could see myself being there. I couldn't really tell you what that something was.


Its close enough to home so I can still see my family but far enough away so that I feel independent, also since Its Rhode Island your no more then 40min away from everything you need.


The size is perfect for me. It's in state, so therefore more affordable. It has a film media program that is rapidly growing and expanding and is filled with excellent professors. It's close to the beach and close to Providence (the major city of the area) but still somewhat secluded.


It has a very relaxed atmosphere and people come from many different backgrounds and places. It is also very homey feeling even though it is a larger school.


At URI we are all about having fun while still getting our education. It is a big off-campus living school and most students get to live in beach houses with there friends for there sophomore, junior, and senior years. Living on our own in actual houses sets us apart form a lot of other schools. I feel that students at URI are really a lot more independent than students at other schools because of the way most of us live. This really makes our school unique and it's what I lvoe most about going there!


I found the campus to be breath-taking. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the "quad" and felt like I was at home the moment I stepped foot on campus. The professors at U.R.I. are very respectful to each and every single one of their students and encourage students to work to the best of their abilities.. I feel very secure thanks to the efforts made by the campus security to keep the campus free from violence.


U.R.I. is a great place to earn a degree. Just stay away from all the weed and cocaine in the dorms held by the out of staters from new jersey or massachusetts and find a place to live that is quiet at night so you can get enough sleep. Study alot, write out notes from class again and again to help you memorize and you will do great. Just keep the partying to the weekends. The girls are so beautiful so its so worth it. oh and the great education you recieve from there is a great way to start a career.


URI used to be a good school. However, due to the recent budget cuts, any student thinking of applying to URI in the future is wasting his/her money and time. The University is wasting the money in places it doesn't need to be and cutting programs and faculty that are very important to the school.


I have a lot of pride about my school and love bragging to my friends and family about the things i do. You will find many people that feel the same way as i do about URI and you wont hear many bad things. The campus is beautiful and is one of the main reasons i chose i URI. The location could not be better; who wouldn't want to go to the beach after a long day of classes?


Even though I am transferring from URI I really did have a great time my freshmen year. I met a lot of great people and had a lot of great experiences so I dont have any regrets. URI is good for a lot of people it just wasnt for me. The campus is beautiful, safe and inviting and the teachers are extremely helpful. You wont have any trouble at all making friends and having a good time!




I got nothing.


Its a fun school lots of fraternities and soroities. Good parties, hot girls, and all around cool people.


if you like a professor, stick w/ them and make sure they get to know who you are-it'll make classes that much better. pick classes based on professor rather than content, the professor MAKES the class.


If you're not incredibly serious about your education, come here. If it's the cheap option because you're from here, like me, come here. If you're looking for a great engineering, pharmacy, or ocean-related program, come here. Otherwise, look elsewhere.




This university sucks. Gorgeous campus, but a nasty interior.


Not really


go to URI... you wont regret it!!!


So far I am very Satisfied to be here!I think URI is an excellent place for studies!


Its a good school. Good people=good times


No matter the reason for coming to URI, anyone can get their desired experience from this University. Take it from someone who is very critical about this school. I promise it's worth it.