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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


They stereotype of students at my school is quite accurate. This is assuming the stereotype of U.R.I. students is that they are stoners. While I haven't done the research I can comfortably assume that more than 75% of the student body at U.R.I. habitually smokes weed.


I don't believe so. I think that this is just a small portion of the URI student population.


They can be, it depends on who you talk to


The classes are definitely not easy, URI students know how to have a good time, but its not a party school in the sense of classes being a joke. Its tough sometimes but you learn alot. The environmental program does bring hippies to the school, but I don't really see it as a bad thing, its a pretty liberal school.


People do party, and not everyone, and no more or less than other schools in the state, in my experience




It has changed a lot through the years, and with a dry-campus there is a lot less drinking that other wet-campuses.


Unfortunately, because URI now receives only about 14% of its funding from the State, it increasingly recruits idiot athletes from New Jersey and Long Island--because they can pay that fabulous out-of-state tuition. There are quite a few of them, but on the whole, i think the campus is segregated (in a good way) so that the wealthy fools don't get in the way of the real education that takes place for the students with actual knowledge potential.


No not really.


The majority of the time, no. Obviously, there is a handful of students (probably across a variety of majors) who are not motivated to excel and who choose to spend their time pleasure seeking instead of applying themselves to their education. By and large, the students I've encountered are here to learn and they choose to take advantage of the opportunities available here.


Yes, most of the out-of- staters are there just to get girls by prying them with weed and cocaine they drop out after a year and end up working for their rich parents. But the in-staters work as hard as they can so they can escape being poor and hopeless. I'm an in-stater and can't wait to prove myself and hopefully start a fullfulling career that will raise me from poverty.


Yes! I Know I do, while still being able to focus on school that is.


NO! We definitely have a good time, but we have a dry campus which has lowered that stereotype and created a much more serious atmosphere.


This is very true...a lot of people go home on the weekends too


Yes, but there are plenty of people who don't, so if you're not a drinker you can still have a fun experience at the school.






I think we have extremely turned around that stereotype and have successfully beaten back that stereotype. We are a large group of very motivated individuals who do very well.


There are a lot of parties, especially due to off campus housing, but I do believe there are other schools that party a lot more. As for pot smoking, I don't notice any that would be considered out of the ordinary.


relatively yes


There is a large amount from both of these places so yes


In many cases yes.


as with anything, some people live up to the stereotype but some definitely don't. you will absolutely find accurate stereotypes of these people but other people will prove to be different from what you would have thought




Unfortunately, yes. If you're looking for a school in which students take their academics seriously this is not it. Professors are useless for the most part and many academic departments on campus are on probation.


Absolutely, you can't take two steps on this campus without seeing a slightly chubby jersey chick wearing uggs, spandex pants, and a tank top three sizes too small for her.


not all of them mayb 1 or 2


yes uri is a party school, and you can drink just as much now that it is dry


For a portion of the student body, this stereotype is accurate. However, there are students at URI who perform as well as some of the best in the nation, and you can easily find peers with whom to compete and learn.


I don't know, not from what i know of the school, but i'm a chemical enigineer, locked in my room most of the time doing HW.


Students certainly enjoy a good party, but people take their studies seriously as well.




Completely, these students are either high 99% of the time, and/or the most shallow, self-conceited human beings to walk the face of this earth.


Not really.


Coke isn't as prevalent as I was told. It's around, but it's presence is determined by who you choose to socialize with. Greek life is pretty big at URI for a school in the northeast, but there is a large non greek social scene down the line. Having a car is definately important as public transportation in Rhode Island (RIPTA) is a joke.




no its not! not saying that it is a bad thing, but half the time on the weekends, there is nothing to do!




yah, we party obviously not all the time, and alot of it has cut back because it is now a "dry campus"


too big


URI is as close to home as you make it. You can go home every weekend or not once. It is up to you.


URI is as close to home as you make it. You can go home every weekend or not once. It is up to you.


They are somewhat accurate. Although I would not say I fall into any of those group but I do love the RI beaches


It is not really a party school persay because it is technically a dry campus but there are definantely parties off campus in Narragansett. Yes, there are a lot of people from New Jersey but they do not make up the entire campus, although sometimes it feels like it.


Many students do party all the time and it is difficult to focus when everyone around you is out getting drunk every night. Many students at URI also smoke pot. There are many things to do on campus, but you may have to drive to Providence to find something to do off campus.


see above


Actually, 50% of URI are Rhode Island residents. This number is much lower than most state universities. Many of URI's other students come from New England and the tristate area.


most of the time


Not quite. Over the years, the administration has began to restrict the number of on campus order to refurbish the Universitie's reputation.


Everyone is not dumb, there are a great deal of people that drink way too much