University of Rhode Island Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


Its a fairly large school and is known largely for its academics and its parties. Although its not a HUGE party school it definitely is up there


U.R.I. is a medium sized school designed on a hill. At the bottom of the hill there is the athletic center, indoor track, pool, and the athletic stadium for concerts and games. There is also our outdoor track, soccer, baseball, and football fields. One tier up are the dorms. If you're looking up the hill freshman dorms are on the right and upperclassmen and honor student dorms are on the left. Moving up from that are administrative office buildings such as enrollment services and parking services. The next tier is academic buildings where classes are held and where the quadrangle is located. This whole system is capped off by the U.R.I. Emporium. This place has multiple restaurants, a hookah bar, a head shop, a print shop, CVS and Cumbi's, and multiple other businesses. The people at U.R.I. are friendly the majority of the time and if you offer someone a puff they will most likely accept and you'll have a new friend. Along the lines of the student body, they are very "clicky" and tend to stay in groups. There isn't much along the lines of a school or "Rhody" identity. U.R.I. is basically a small UConn, if you replaced UConn's drinking with U.R.I.'s smoking. I have noticed that there are many UConn alum working at U.R.I. and because of the large amount of time I spend at UConn I have noticed the evolution of U.R.I. to come to resemble UConn.

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