University of Rhode Island Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Although I loved my time at URI, I found my experince with my faculty advisors to be very difficult. I had a few differnt advisors throughout my time at the university and was constantly given inconsistant and in many cases inaccurate information.


it is large.


The worst thing about school would be the fact that you will be having loan debts for most of your life after you graduate. this puts more pressure on students to get a good job once they graduate.


When it rains really badly some areas on campus flood. And the dining hall hours are sometimes inconvenient.


The food


The worst thing about this university is the fact that it's on a hill, because in the winter it's very hard to climb when covered in ice or snow.


The University of Rhode Island's extracurricular activities tend to not coincide with the typical school schedule. A person with classes mostly in the morning may have to wait up to six or seven hours until their club of interest meets. In contrast, the very same people interested in major-oriented clubs may unfortunately have classes at the time these clubs meet. There is not a lot of leniency when it comes to extracurricular ativites.. Students end up either focusing on work, or turning their preference to extracurricular activities.


THe internet on campus is not as great as it could be. It is sometimes hard to connect and that can be frustrating when you are in class.


The worst thing about my school is dorm life. Unfortunately i was put in a suite with two very loud and noisy girls which made studying in my room and sleeping very difficult. Other than that I didn't have any bad experiences here at URI.


The weather and getting to and from class in the winter slush and ice.


At times it is difficult to get academic advisement at a time when students really need it, like at the end of a term or at mid-terms. This kind of support net is critical at the beginning of an academic endeavour, and I'm afraid I missed out on things that I may have been more successful at due to this lack of guidance.


The worst thing about my school is the cold weather in the winters. You have to walk up hill to your classes and in the snow it tends to be extremely messy.


The worst thing about my school is that it is on a hill. Walking to class gets rough because the available parking spots are at the bottom of campus (which means bottom of the hill) and the wind is enough to drive anyone crazy. There is a bus, but that is not always a guarantee, especially when you are already about to be late for class.


The location and the number of awful teachers




The worst thing about URI is the snow removal process; they don't really know what they're doing.


I don't like that it's kind of in the middle of nowhere. Kingston is a small town. You can't walk to go do things, you have to have a car.


It floods when it rains a lot


A lot of people who come here are local or came with a group of friends. I though a lot more people would be reaching out to try to make more friends here.


Besides the rainy weather that plagues Rhode Island, the only thing I don't like is the food because I like to cook my own food myself, and when you have a meal plan you can't cook your own food. But if you live in the apartments on campus you can cook your own food which is what I do now as an upperclassman.


I would have to say that there isn't anything bad to say about my school. Everything is great and I have made great memories during my stay there. I would say that my experience at the University of Rhode Island has been the best from the food, people, academics and overall living on campus !


I think that making URI a dry campus was a very bad idea. I understand the reasoning behind trying to curb underage drinking, however all parties occur off campus and students who live on campus are forced to drive. This increases the likelihood that students will drink and drive.


It's hard to find the flaws in a school I'm still adapting to, but I do dislike the landscape it was built upon. Having classes a mile apart is bad enough, so the vertical incline is unnecessary. Another disagreement I could think of is the lack of space in the two diners my school offers that serves thousands of students hourly (I am excluding the diner that cleans my wallet out). Waiting in a line that circles the diner all the way outside in the winter time is not ideal.


One of the wost things at the University of Rhode Island would have to be the fact that classes get filled up so quickly. Ifind this to be one of the most annoying things because as a freshman or sophmore you get the last picks for classes, and many times fun or interesting classes are the first ones to go and it is often very hard to get a permission number to register for the class.


I would consider the fact that half the students at my school live locally and compute to school each day. I therefore miss out on meeting a whole population of kids.


The worst thing about URI is the fact that housing requires a meal plan (if you aren't in an apartment which is mainly offered to Seniors). My current roomate is gluten free and eating at the cafeteria was impossible for her. She was paying for food she couldn't even eat!


The worst thing about my school was the fact the many people moved off campus after their first year which kind of took away from the whole living in a dorm college experience.




The irrigation system is not good at all. The campus floods in the rainy season and is pretty bad.


The rain. I never in a million years expected myself to own a pair of rain boots. But its very popular at my school for the amount of rain that we get. I guess because we are only 10 mins away from the beach we tend to get a lot more rain then snow. Walking to class in the rain is never fun and sitting in class in wet clothes haha


I can not find anything negative about this school. I honestly love URI, and I firmly believe that attending this university was the best decision i made.


The worst thing about URI is the music building's condition. It looks like a prison.


I believe raising the in-state tuition is going to create bad situations for students.


The fact that the current administration places far more importance on the school's image than on the actual happiness of the student body.


The lack of campus life....students who have school spirit


How far each class is from each other & the time in between takes too long to walk to class.


Groups set early on, races don't mix much, there isn't much opportunity for creating new social networks after freshman year Learning Communities. Academic advising doesn't exist, but tutoring does. Scholarships can be revoked very easily, and students are not given much of an appeal process to retain them. There are few teachers at the higher level classes, and therefore a small selection of topics available. Creating internships is a rigid process with little freedom as is the independent study option. Creating a major, though technically offered is not an easily accessible option.


Quality of campus and the lack of school pride.


None of the teachers speak english anymore


parking. there is either no space or its too far away.


There are some professors on campus who shouldn't be teaching (mainly our chemistry department) and discourage students.


ofcampus housing should have buses to school

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