University of Rhode Island Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


-Most popular groups are frats and sororities. Huge greek life here at URI, many groups to join. Tons of clubs and organizations to join, from chess club to a political club. Sports teams are great to watch on campus! Intramural sports are also a big deal here, with a lot of people participating. They are a lot of fun I do them each semester. -I'm involved with the Entrepreneurship Club, im president. It's a fun time, we hear about kids that have already started a business, and we have guest speakers come in and tell us about their experience. I am involved with intramural sports, I love playing indoor soccer. -Some students will be shy and always close their door, and some students will always leave their door open. But the dorms have a good environment, and there are always opportunities to make new friends just by exploring the dorms. -Theater has a great program here, they always put on shows, and have good turnouts. Athletic events are constantly growing, they get bigger turnouts each semester and are fun to go to! -Dating scene is what I would consider normal. Relationships happen often and are obviously acceptable, but most students choose the single life. If you are looking to find someone there are PLENTY of people to choose from, and if you are dating/want to find other couples to hang out with it is easy to do so. -I met my closest friends by networking with my best friend. I had a best friend from the first college I attended, Suffolk University, and we both transferred to URI. He was from Rhode Island, so I met all his high school friends and friends that go here. They are now my closest friends at the school. I also have a couple close friends that I had many classes with over the semesters. Class is a great way to meet people. -If I'm awake at 2am on a tuesday, Im probably up late eating/watching tv with my girlfriend. We love to stay up late a few times a week together. When I lived in the dorms though, I stayed up late with my floor mates every single night until even 4am a lot of times. It was a blast. -People party all the time here. If there is a certain day you like to party, you will definitely be able to find people that are partying on that day. Every day of the week there are people somewhere, doing something, having a great time. Just gotta find them. -Frats/sororities are huge here. Many groups to choose from, and they have a great time. Big school for greek life. -Last weekend I met my friends out at the bar on Friday (Im 21) and on Saturday I met up with my friends at their house to hang out and watch the basketball games, and then we walked to a house party down the street. Off campus life. -On a saturday, you can go to a movie, go bowling, or check out one of the many great places to eat around here. There are gyms, and a rock climbing gym too. There are plenty of ways to get out without drinking around here. Its Rhode Island, everything is under 20 min away. -Off campus is great for house parties. Living off campus, you live in neighborhoods where all the houses around you have students living in them, its sick! When you are 21 there are great bars to go to. But off campus consists of hanging out with friends in houses, parties, bars, and great restaurants that you have to go to. Providence is close too, and you can do anything you can think of there.


The most popular groups are definitely the frats and sororities, and the SEC(Student Entertainment Committee) which sets up all of the concerts and shows for the year. Parties are often and not hard to find but the campus is a dry campus. Athletic events are good but its a lower end division 1 school so we are not typically very good. I personally don't do much things in the URI community since I have a job while going to school but there are definitely a lot of ways to get involved all you have to do is see the bulletins in buildings and there are always people in the Dining Halls looking for volunteers. If you go off campus it is usually to go to parties but there is a decent town outside of the campus and Newport is 15 minutes away.


One very popular group is called Humans Vs. Zombies which takes place anywhere on campus that is outdoors. I have some friends who have had a blast in this group. The members wear orange bandannas on their heads or arms to indicate which team they are on, and proceed to tag, or shoot each other with nerf guns. A group I was involved in was the Students for a Sensible Drug Policy which spent meetings planning URI's annual hempfest. I also belonged to the University Chorus, which performs once a semester. I have never heard bad things about groups and clubs on campus. In addition, URI possesses a field called the quad where many students study, talk, walk, play sports, hold events, and relax. Thursdays most people enjoy a drink or ten, but weekends can be a hit or miss in the party scene. As far as dating goes, if you are with a significant other, be prepared for it to get serious quickly, as you will most likely be close to them often. If you are single, it is very easy to find someone to fool around with or romance for an hour or for long terms. Events at the Ryan Center are also notably popular, and a guaranteed good time, with past guests such as Avicci, Snoop Dogg, GooGoo Dolls, Lupe Fiasco, and many others.



I think everyone has already said enough about how prolific the Greek system is. The best way to learn about other groups is probably First Night, which is an event held by the school which hosts every student organization and a number of local businesses to let you know what's on campus and in the area. There's an incomplete (and always outdated, admittedly) list of student organizations at with contact information if you want to get some more information before committing to anything. While I do have experience with many (read: too many) student organizations, I would not want to give some attention here when there are many about which I know absolutely nothing. (I also accidentally ran the Gaming Club last year, so if you have a question about that or any organizations that seem related, or if you're a crazy person and already have ideas about starting your own organization, odds are very good I can answer.) Something else that's important to know is that Kingston, RI is not home to much that is both in walking distance and off campus. If you have never learned to use a bus system, now might be a good time to try, as keeping a car on campus is fairly expensive. Everything else is easy to figure out once you've gotten yourself some friends. Even before I had a set "group" I never found myself waning to do something and having nothing. Weekends are occasionally rough as sometimes everyone in Rhode Island will decide to go home for the weekend, and if you live on campus the food gets much worse on the weekends. But eventually you'll learn to work with what's around you. If you want to know what's around you, ask. Ask friends; ask alumni; ask me!


The most popular student activity is off-campus partying. The bars are a hot spot. On campus there are a lot of groups that primarily meet and have offices in the Union. The most popular ones are the newspaper, The Good 5 Cent Cigar, P.I.N.K women, eXposure, and many other groups. The university makes it easy for anyone to start a group or organization, so if you have an idea don't be afraid to ask. There is a heavy sorority and fraternity presence at U.R.I. If you walk through and around campus you will see at least two greek house buildings. To speak to the students activities and partying, which we all know plays a role, if you don't mind driving to parties or arranging transportation U.R.I. will be right up your ally. If you looked you will be able to find a party almost every day. This plays into the dating scene, which, if you put yourself in the right place at the right time you will certainly find someone. Otherwise, go to parties or be outgoing in class and on campus.


Greek. Greek is everything here. Where you meet friends, meet future employers, network, everything. URI=GREEK


The most popular teams on campus are basketball and track. Many people like showing up to their event and know most of the players. A popular club is the psychology club because there are so many people with this major and so there is a high amount of students that attend. I am involved in many various groups such as the Golden Key Honors Society, the Psychology Club, Psi Chi Honors, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. The one I am probably involved in most would be the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. This year I am president for the University of Rhode Island Chapter. We are involved with many service events and have meetings twice a month. I dedicate at least 8 hours a week to the organization and have set up many events personally with the officer board. Students do not leave their doors open in the dorms. The only time anyone really did that was the first couple weeks of school to get to know people. Other than that most people knock or text to meet up. The only popular athletic events are track races and basketball games. They are fun to go to with a bunch of friends and show Rhody pride. There are many career guest speakers along with singers and pop celebrities for concerts that URI sets up. The dating scene is pretty cool here. There are many cute dates that people can go on such as nice restaurants, the beach, and also out to bars. There are different atmospheres for varying types of dates. My closest friends are actually the random roommates assigned to me freshman year and a bunch of other people on my hallway. I also met some of my closest friends in my classes. Freshman year there were not too many parties to go and meet people so I made very good relationships through the school. At this point in my life, being my senior year, a lot of Tuesdays I spend at the bar Ocean Mist in Matunuck. They have Two Ticket Tuesday Reggae nights. It is the place to be on Tuesday nights. If I am not there it means I have a busy week and I am normally up in my room doing homework and finishing up papers. Each year Rhode Island has it's St. Patrick's day festivities in Newport. Other years I was too young to go and last year I was abroad but I know about 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my friends went there last year. It is a big event and I hope to go this year. People party about 3-4 times a week. They have different nights in Rhode Island. Thursday is "The Zoo" (Bonvue), Friday is the coastgaurd house, Saturday is Charlio's and Tuesday is Omist (Ocean Mist). Some daring people even go out to Clam Jammers on Wednesday. If you are not 21 though there is not too much to do. When I was a Freshman it was a completely dry campus, it is turning into a damp on now but it still wasn't too thrilling as a younger student. Fraternities and Sororities are not too important on the University of Rhode Island campus. If anything I feel they do more harm than good. Recently there was a huge fight that broke out concerning a fraternity and there were many injuries and arrests, even pepper spray had to be used. I do not feel they have stable connections after college and many people join for the wrong reasons. I do believe there are some though that do community service and contribute for the links and connections of a future, just a lot of them do not have such a bright outcome. Last weekend I went home to New York to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with my family and friends from home. On a normal weekend though I do homework during the day on Friday, go out to a bar at night; go to my internship Saturday morning and then out and night and Sunday is normally all homework and re-cooperating. On a Saturday night you can go out bowling, to a restaurant, or go see a movie. Prices are relatively cheap for all of the above activities. Off campus I like to take walks on the beach near my house, go fishing, bike ride, and hang out with friends and play video games.


Greek life is very active at URI, although if your not Greek, you won't be left out. I am not Greek, and I never feel like I don't have anything to do. I've met my best friends from the dorms and from classes. Just hanging out in the dorms your friend knows a guy who knows a girl who knows this other guy, and everyone is hanging out together and its easy to become friends with everyone. It definitely depends on the group of people you are living with and whether you make friends with them, if you do then the dorm doors are usually open and its just like hanging out with your buds all the time. It's pretty awesome. There are a lot of parties, most of which are off campus. But if you choose not to party, you can always chill with friends and there's no pressure to party. The athletic events here are pretty big and almost everyone gets involved. It's a whole lot of fun. When its warmer out you can go to the beach close by or just chill outside on the quad and it's so beautiful. Also providence is right there so there's always plenty to do.


Greek life is big but theres definitely things to do besides it. There are a bunch of clubs and you can make your own


I don't think that fraternities are very important. At some other schools, it may be important so that students do not feel it overwhelming to make friends. Since I am already coming into URI with some friends and the student population is not overwhelming, I do not find fraterities necessary.


You can party as much or as little as you want to. My first three years I only really partied thursday-Sat. But as a senior partying was pretty much a full time job. go to Charlio's if you are 21.


There is a fair amount of stuff to do at school. The SEC puts on a decent amount of events and there is usually something going on if you take the time to look. Partying is a pretty big aspect of school here, but it can be hard to find the parties as a freshmen, and again, you need an in. Dorm parties usually don't happen because of the new dry campus rule. Joining Greek life is a great way to get involved in tons of social events, meet great people and also find a few parties along the way.


I felt like there wasn't enough on the college campus to keep me busy during weekends, or other times when there could have been activities. Most of the kids would go home, and there would be nothing to do. When there were events, they were mostly concerts, and I felt like a lot of the time, the money in sec was spent to get big concerts, but these people never appealed to me, so i didn't feel that sec was doing anything for me in this sense, and didn't have other options either.


The dorm life for me was great. Everyone in my dorm was an engineering major. We always left our doors open so we could hang out and study together. Myself and agroup of friends would go down to the lounge, hang out and study everynight. There was also an upper classman engineering mentor on each floor who was always there to help out as well.


I got involved in all the academic organizations I was invited to when I was a freshman just to get involved academically, not just athletically. I am on the swim team, and we are a very close group, but sometimes it's nice to break away. I loved living in the dorms. I had a common bathroom and always left the door open which helped with meeting people. There are also activities in the beginning and throughout the year that bring your dorm together. I enjoy getting my friends together to go to concerts and athletic events because they are usually cheap and are packed. I have never been to a frat or sorority house, so I don't know anything about the greek life except that one day a year they take over the campus. People party every weekend and mostly "down the line" which is 10 minutes off campus where all the upperclassmen live. The only down fall is that a car is a must, or at least have a friend with one.


I'm in the URI Ballroom Dance Club and on the URI Ballroom team. It's tremendous work to get all the steps correct and the timing right, but it's so worth it in the end when you get onto the floor and everyone is envious of your grace. I go to local ballroom dances that are held every Friday or so. These give me a chance to interact with the other schools in a non-competitive way and to meet the older generations of people learning to dance or that have learned a long time ago. It is also a chance to get dressed up and get off the campus without the threat of alcohol temptation.


There are alot of groups, clubs and teams and organizations to get in volved with. I'm not involved in any yet but I know I will be. I met my closes friends in the dorms or in class. Hmm. Some people party all night long blasting there music to keep you awake. Thats why I don't live in dorms anymore. Frats and Sororities are important if you need to make friends with connections. You could go to a mall or to a movie on a saturday night to avoid drinking. I live off campus and I study like crazy and re-read books so I can guarantee an A.


THe Marching band and pep bands are the bomb!


Almost everyone I know drinks, so maybe URI needs to lighten up with its drinking policies. Shit, I am 22 and they still tried to give me trouble about drinking, even though my guests were also at least 21. They are fucking ridiculous!


The activities at URI are great and there is something for everyone. My favorite thing i have done is Oozeball, which is a URI tradition. It happens every year in the spring, and it is a volleyball tournament played in a foot of mud. There are over a hundred teams that compete to be the biggest Oozer! I am also vice-president of the URI ghost hunting team which is a newer organization that does what the famous ghost hunters do on TV. Basketball and Ice hockey are probably the biggest sporting events, and we are known for having some crazy fans. In the dorms, everyone leaves their doors open and you know most everyone on your floor because of it. On weekends if there isn't a party going on off campus (which there normally is) it is not uncommon to have some of your closest friends sitting around in your dorm room having your own little party. Some of my favorite times have been in a dorm room rather than a big party.


Student Activities are great if you're involved in them. I was on the Student Entertainment Committee so we planned all of the concerts, speakers, daytime distractions etx. that came to URI and sometimes we even got to meet the celebrities. It's a great way to meet people and have fun without sucking up all of your time. The gym classes are also a great thing URI offers. For a small fee, you have the choice of classes such as ab workouts, spinning, water aerobics, piyo (pilates and yoga) and many others and you just pick which ones you want to go to each day. It is very convenient. Its a great way to meet people because unless you make an effort it might be difficult to meet people. During the first couple weeks everyone leaves their doors open because they are all eager to meet people and after that youll have great friends. Sororities and fraternities are very prevalant on campus Greek life is very talked about and very noticed at URI which can be interpreted as good or bad. Good because they provide a lot of events and a way to meet people, bad because if you arent involved you MIGHT sometimes feel excluded. If you dont want to go out on a Saturday night, Providence and Newport are only a short drive away or there are movie theaters and restaurants relatively close by that you could go to as well. Newport has a lot of shopping and the famous mansions you can tour. URI has a program where a bus will take you places like NYC, Mystic Aquarium, Newport, Providence and others to keep you busy.


Just get involved. They drill that into your head at orientation but you still can end up sitting alone in your dorm because you're nervous to go to that club you're interested in for the first time. My college experience was forever changed when I got involved with the theatre department (in the best way possible) so go out and find what you're interested in and chances are you'll meet the friends who will be with you for four years and beyond.


I lived in the dorms my freshman year and luckily my hallway was full of amazing people. We were all very close and got along well (with the exception of 2). My RA was amazing (this makes a huge difference on your experience). I have lived in my sorority house for the past 2 years and I love it. There can be drama at times with a bunch of girls living together, but we are all good friends and there is always something to do. Greek life is very big at URI. Greek Week is the best week ever! This is a week dedicated to Greeks. There are different events everyday. URI SEC (student entertainment committe) host many events from concerts at the Ryan Center, movies on the quad to day and weekend getaways. Everything is provided either free or at a good price. There is always something to do. There is also a comedy show weekly at Hope Commons.


Frats and Sororities play a huge part on campus, they are all located right on campus and many people are part of them. Providence is right near by URI as well as Wakefield so as long as you try to stay creative there is always something other than drinking that you can do off campus, such as rock climbing at they rock gym near Providence or going to see a movie right down the street. In most dorms students don't leave their doors open for fear of theft because it is easy for any one to get into dorms, but if u just nock most people will willingly let you in the room because every body is quite friendly and respectful of you.


im not involved in the social life or extra curriculur activities i'm a commuter


The basketball games are really fun to go to. Most other sports at the school are not very good. Also, the school gets some good concerts to come to the ryan center every year.


uri lacks a lot of school spirit. a lot of events put on by groups other than SEC (student entertainment committee) aren't attended because word doesn't really get out. some students leave their doors open in dorms (my roommates and i ALWAYS did, and it does mean 'come in, we'll welcome anyone who wants to just come hang out' so never be shy to just stop in to anyone's room who has their door propped open and say hi) uri is a dead campus on weekends, lots of people go home or go "down the line" to a party. a lot of things to go to involve having a car because you do have to leave campus on the weekend to find something to do-without being 21 it is rather difficult if drinking isn't in your nature but you can always catch the bus and go to providence or just go get food and see movies and all that


Join the greek system!!!!! (as important as your education)


Greek life seems to run this campus and its social life, but that being said, they don't do a half bad job of it.


Greek life is pretty big...


Students leave their dorms open all of the time. I'm invovled with the IEP program for german. I have a boyfriend who lives in the new TI house on the german floor, for IEP students, so i am there all the time studying mostly. If i'm up until 2 am on a tues, it's because i'm finishing hw due on wednesday. not fun. Theater isn't very big, and athletic events aren't either, at least in the engineering feild. Everyone is too busy doing hw, or partying in their free time. There is a very limited amount of partying at the TI house, it's usually just among the students who live there. I met my closest friends either outside of school, working, or from freshmen classes. Last weekend i was studying and freaking out for my last final which ended up not being bad at all, go figure. Saturday night i usually hang out with my boyfriend, either go to his house and watch a movie, maybe drink a little, or go to my house and hang out with my family and watch movies. Drinking is common in the engineering major because it's high stress, and i find it difficult to sleep at night because my head is buzzing with so much to do. Having a drink with friends to wind down is fairly relaxing.


Lots to do.


People smoke pot in the woods behind the dorms and yet i never see anyone do anything about it. The RAs allow drinking in the dorms, and i see students staggering around drunk at all hours of the night. A girl ran past my dorm TOPLESS in the first week of much for a dry campus. The rules are not enforced at ALL. fraternities/sororities get away with bloody murder, as does pretty much everyone else.


I didn't do much activities.


Welcome to URHigh! Think that's funny? Buy the shirt. Weed flows in from every corner of the US, but stay away from the local stuff, it's junk. Dating at URI is mostly a joke, few couples don't cheat. Don't date, the title will later bite you in the ass. Enjoy the endless amounts of girls and guys that surround you. A repeat now and then never hurts. Basketball games are one of the few things URI students rally around. You pregame, get plastered, fill up a water bottle or flask, and head out the door to the game. One day we'll make it to March Madness, we're usually just about one or two games away. The party scene at URI can be non-existent, or the craziest thing ever depending on who you know. Greek parties are the best because the numbers are controlled, your house doesn't get fucked up by some random dick, the booze is endless, the girls are crazy, and the pledges drive sober home. Thirsty Thursdays are all about the bar scene, and people rarely make it to Friday morning classes. A GREAT party school.


social life is good. One bad thing is that it is a DRY CAMPUS. i dont drink very often. But having a dry campus forces people to leave campus to drink. We all know that college students drink. They put themselves in danger every time they leave. I have had to leave campus multiple times to go pick up my friends at houses because no one is sober. It is almost more dangerous to have a dry campus!


SEC is reallly popular and truly fun to be a part of. I'd reccommend this club to everyone !




I was very lucky to be paired up with a great roommate freshman year whom I also lived with sophmore year. The only reason why I did not live with her junior year is because she wanted to stay on campus and I was moving off. Most people I've spoken to have had good experiences as well and you can always change roommates, the housing department seems to be good about that. People do party in the dorms starting on thursday but it didn't really bother me. I found it relatively easy to go to bed, which i need to do since I am on the rowing team and wake up at 5 am. Fraternities and Sororietes are very popular on campus and greek life is big. The beach is near by and that is always an option to go to off campus there is also rock climbing in lincoln and warwick and providence always have things to do.


Many of the students at URI join fraternities and sororities. The Student Entertainment Committee is also popular. Schools for Schools is a group I became involved in this past year when it first started at URI. We support Atanga secondary school in Northern Uganda which has been going through civil was for 22 years. This year, we did a white flag parade through Providence and had 22 minutes of silence in front of the state house. Athletic events are usually quite popular and fun to go to as well as the theater productions. People on this campus party every night. The only time they may party a little bit less is during finals, but once they are over with, it's back to partying again even more. Last weekend, I played paintball with my boyfriend and his friends in Coventry and got together with family. I'm not much of a party person.


I am not involved to any group or team but I really enjoy watching basketball games with RAMS! I do not do many stuff in Campus! Occasionally I enjoy going to Bagels at Emporium. I like theater very much, but unfortunately I did not have the time to go.


There are always things going on on campus. The Student Entertainment Committee brings in a bunch of "fresh" acts. There are also little things like stand up comedians on Friday nights. Most weekends I spend either hanging out at an off campus house or just hanging out in someones room. Some people are involved in fraternities and sororities. They are fun and there are approximately 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students involved in them. They do a lot of community service and aren't all the typical stereotype.


The social life is amazing. There are usually parties in the memorial union every thursday night. Most students in freshman dorms leave their doors open but I find that as you progress through your college years the doors close. The Student Entertainment Commitee (SEC) constantly puts on good shows for the student body. Since my freshman year they've produced Dane Cook, Kanye West and most recently Akon.


URI Basketball is awesome. Football tanks. Students in hall style sdorms leave their doors open. Suite style dorms shut ther doors. There are a few good guest speakers and performers a year. People party a lot. Sororities and Frats are "Super" common and "important."


Once again, I'm sorry, but I go to URI for classes and classes only. It'd be wrong of me to write anything here since I wouldn't really know what to say.


Fraternities and Sororities are huge on campus, as well as the basketball team and soccer team. I met my two closest friends in class since I did not live on campus. Studying. There are always fun activities going on in the spring. Im sure people party most nights, but mostely Thur-Saturday nights. Frats and sororities are important because if you live on campus and you dont have a car they are the only places to party on the weekend. Went to the Muse last weekend, a big URI hang out.


Greek system is prominant here. Dating scene is disgusting, everyone sleeps with everyone.


I dont even know what groups are popular on campus... there isnt like a popular group here. This is college not high schoool Im in the music department... close family blah blah blah. you heard it early. My other family is my RA staff. We arent that close but we get our job done My hall leaves their doors open... they are pretty friendly to everyone This sunday night which is kinda like saturday night there is gunna be a free skate event at the ice skating rink. Its from 9-12am and its a blast you can meet a ton of new people there. Its fun. ok my wrist is tired from typeing. Hope this is enough


The team that gets the most publicity seems to be the basketball team because their record has been pretty good lately. The football team also gets a good amount of people at their games even though they haven't had good records lately, but they just hired a new coach so hopefully we will be better next year! Some organizations that are big are the SEC and the SAA because they put on a lot of the events on campus. I am on the cheerleading team. As of right now we are all girl, although my coach would like to get some men on the team! To be eligible to try out you need to have a standing backhandspring on the basketball court. In past years, there has been 24 members on the team but I'm not sure if that will change this year. We cheer at all home football, and mens basketball games traveling to close schools and basketball tournaments if we can afford it. We also rotate going to women's basketball games. We do a lot of fund raising and work with the community as well and attend UCA camp in the summer. When I lived in the dorms we left our door open if we were in the room so that people could stop by and hang out, but if we weren't there it was closed and locked. In the newer dorms the doors lock automatically. Athletics has a good following depending on the team. The dating scene is just like any college, you can meet people through friends, at parties, in class, walking around campus, at bars/clubs... I met my closest friends in my dorm freshman year and from the cheerleading team. If I'm awake at 2am I am either coming back from Casey's, studying, or doing something completely pointless yet completely hilarious with my friends. Every year we have Rhody Rally which is a pep rally in the fall. There is always Oozeball in the spring, which is volleyball in the mud, it is usually a pretty big event. Some people party every night, some people never party. I usually go out 3 nights a week depending on how much work I have to do. If you want to party you can usually find some place to go. Frats and sororities are very important to the people in them or to people who want to be in them, to everyone else on campus, they really don't matter much. You definitely don't have to be in the greek system to have fun here, but you can have fun in them as well. Last weekend I was on spring break. A typical weekend here for me is Bon Vue on Thursday night, party at my friends house on Friday, usually some kind of cheerleading event on the weekend, and another party/bar on Saturday night, sleeping all day on sunday and maybe getting some homework done. You can go to parties here and not drink, people won't pressure you. But if you don't want to drink you can go to clubs in Providence if you like to go dancing, there are also lots of movies and shopping places around, or you can always just get together with friends for a non-drinking night. Off campus is another whole scene where the upperclassmen live. There are lots of bars, and restaurants to go to as well as different shopping areas to keep you entertained. Plus Providence is only like, 45 minutes away.