University of Rhode Island Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend this school would be one who is obviously dedicated and a hard worker, and looking to explore their interests in any number of topics.




This school takes its pride in diversity and school spirit. The motto here is "Dream Big, We Do" which entails anyones own dream but along with these words usually comes the logo of planet Earth. This world with the motto shows that culturally we like to branch out and there are so many oppurtunities to at the school, anywhere from clubs to sports.


Students who plan to work hard in order to gain an exceptional education that will lead them to success in both their personal and professional lives should consider attending URI. Dedication is needed to complete work involved with any and all academic programs that are offered here, which is why students who apply to this school need to be willing to put time and effort into their school work. I also believe that students who deserve to come here should be open minded in every aspect of their lives in order to prosper and develop into mature, successful adults.


Someone who is seeking great education at a reasonable price.


Anyone looking for a well rounded, immersive education. The kind of person who should attend this school, is ine who is looking for a quality education, at a great value will recieve a great education for a great value.


The University of Rhode Island is a great school that would be a wonderful fit for someone who is academically focused, but willing to have fun. The school is just minutes from the beach and about a half hour away from the city. There are lots of places in the area to go on nature walks, swimming, rockclimbing, canoing, and even kayaking. Also, Rhode Island has some of the best pizza around. The library is a great place to study and perfect for someone cramming, or just trying to spend extra time to perfect their work.


I feel like any kind of person can attend this school. It just depends on what kind of person you are. If you like being at a big school where there are many things going on, seeing lots of people walking around and is willing to try new things.


This school is created for anyone that wants to learn, meet new people, and explore many career opportunities. There are chances to explore every field through the general education courses and to find what turly interests and inspires you. The school does not discriminate against cultures or race. They are, in fact, working on promoting more cultural unity amongst the college students, faculty, and friends.


Anyone can attend this school. It's a state school with something for everyone.


A person that wants a social life but at the same time likes to learn a lot.


Those who should attend URI are dedicated students who have a thist for knowledge. Many types of majors are availble to satisfy any interest. There is diverse population of alumni, where all are welcome if they desire to further their education. The community offers a wide array of opportunities and asistance when a student is in need.


Someone who wants to go to a medium sized school with lots of different majors, with many opportunities for involvement from intramural sports to sailing and fencing as well as greek life. A student looking for a great experience, whether decided or undecided major, the University of Rhode Island has so many major choices and great advisors, and so many opportunities to study abroad as well.


Any level of student can attend this school as long as they understand that studying is important to pass a class.


A person dedicated to their education should go to URI. If you're looking for a school that's centered on partying, URI isn't it. After having a bad reputation as a party school a few decades ago, URI completely revamped their policies, becoming a dry campus and enforcing safer policies. The hard work the school did has paid off, attracting more serious students with competitive programs such as Pharmacy (which I am fortunate to be a part of).


A person who should attend this school is someone who is willing and able to do their work and not allow too many distractions


Disregarding my dislikes about the school, I believe URI could be the home too many. It is a well diverse school with plenty of opportunities for its students. If you are looking for a place where you can walk around comfortably being who you are, URI is the place for you. Warming smiles wait openly whether it be squeezing in elevators or sharing a table at lunch. It is a college for the anxious ones who really want a good college experince.


A person like myself who is eager to learn, has a thirst for knowledge and someone who is looking for a beautiful close knit campus.


You should attend this school if you have the intention of surrounding yourself with knowledge, a comfy home, great friends, and a beautiful campus.


This school is diverse and all students will do well.


A person who does not mind a little noise sometimes, interested in learning and needs a college that is not too hard and not too easy.


Open-minded, fun, liberal.


A student who is determined, self-motivated and enthusiastic should attend this school. There are hundreds of ways to get involved academically and socially on this campus, and you will meet tons of great friends along the way.


ANYONE! who wants to learn and be dedicated, and most importantly Try Your Best!


Someone with an interest in marine biology, marine affairs, marine engineering, fishery science or any other coastal discipline is a good candidate.


students who are comfortable with all types of people


Students seeking an education that will enhance their goals of becomming a professional in the field of their choice. Also students seeking a base education to further their studies for a specific field of business, perhaps attending a grad school after their experience at URI


just about anyone, no douchebags please!


In my opinion, I beleive my school is perfect for anyone who is open-minded, friendly, ready to be academically challenged and environmentally challenged. If a person is all about partying they can still come here but they'll be getting the wrong experience.


The perfect person to attent URI in my opinion is someone who is very out going and very democratic. This person should also have alot of school spirit and enjoy some sort of "Greek" life. The perfect person for URI should also enjoy being set in the "country" but also being able to drive 20 minutes and be in the "city."


Someone who wants to be well rounded


Someone who's willing to work, but also has the ability to entertain themselves. You need to be focused and yet willing to go with the flow. Socially outgoing, but okay with being left alone. And you definately need to be able to drive yourself around. Otherwise you're landlocked.


A person who is eager to meet more people and in search of answers. They will not spoon feed you here. You need to make your own path and be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.


The ideal person for URI is someone who wants balance in their life. All the academic programs are strong and can be time consuming, but the social life also takes up plenty of time for outgoing people. URI is a dry campus, so most partying takes place off campus, usually at someone's house or at nearby bars. Many beaches are also minutes away, but unfortunately they can only be used in September and late April/early May, due to cold winters. Involvement at URI is strongly encouraged, and those who focus will be successful in their major and career.


URI is a very open-minded university that really values diversity and tries to erase any stereotypes or prejudices from their students' minds. I think any type of person could fit in and find their own at this university; whether it is a peppy sorority girl, a jock, a total hippie, or a shy, kind person. URI really helps to broaden a person's outlook on life and the social group they're used to belonging to.


Someone who is comfortable being in the country not in a big city. There is not a lot to do on weekends on campus, so they would have to drive somewhere if they want something to do off campus. Providence is right nearby and the ocean is 15 minutes away so you can always find something fun to do.