University of Rhode Island Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would say the best part about my school is the wide variety of majors and minors that are available. There are also numerous resources available to the students that are very valuable and helpful.


I think the programs offered at URI are unique and the staff is very competent. My program of Kinesiology was very rigorous and difficult. There was always availability for extra help or a professor was always happy to help me if I needed it.


There's almost always something to do, from concerts to activities organized by fraternities/sororities to hanging out in a dorm. There's never any reason for a person to feel left out here, there's opportunity for everybody to make friends and go out and have fun.


The best thing about URI was you always had someone new in your classes. Always meeting new people and making new friends. I loved the size of the campus, it was big enough but not too big. I also loved living off campus but attending class on campus. It gave me the independence I wanted and needed and allowed me to work off campus as well.


The faculty - some of them are phenomenal. Some also suck, but many are really great people, educators, and researchers.


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the diversity of the students. I have met people from all over the country, better yet people from all around the world. Meeting these people has opened my mind to the differences in culture that exists not only in our own country but around the entire world. I believe that the diversity of the school is its best quality and allows for a better college experience.


The best thing about URI is that all of the classes are within walking distance of each other. Everyone is friendly and approachable and you never have to worry about fitting in. Everyone is in the same boat and URI assures that they will do whatever possible to help the student make a successful transition from high school to college life.


The campus is one huge hill. Its actually a good exercise to walk up it but can get annoying at times.


THe best thing about my school is the quad. This patch of grass is recognized by everyone who has ever been at URI. Most days there is some sort of event happening. On really nice days anyone can layout and study in the sun instead of in the library.


The best thing I think about our school is the location. URI is in the woods, but next to an Amtrack station so you can take a quick trip to Boston or wherever. We have a great bike path that goes all the way to Wakefield, but travels through the swamps and woodlands. It's quiet on most nights, but the surrounding towns have a bit of a night life, and Providence is only 30 minutes away. The beaches are even closer.


The best thing about my school is the clean campus, friendly enviroment, and great academic programs.


The best thing about URI was the access to a lot of different areas of study. There were a lot of different majors and minors a student could explore. The music and art program were very good. The campus is beautiful and the people are diverse and interesting.


I think that the best thing URI offers is the extensive amount of networking and connections that are possible just by simply reading the e-mails sent out to all students.


I would consider the best things are the people and the challenging courses that really make you work for your grade because you're around good people and you feel a sense of satisfaction when all is said and done.


The marine science/wildlife biology programs and proximity to the ocean and forests. Many other schools I applied to had great programs but were an hour or more from the ocean or forests, which makes it difficult to do work for classes. It is easy to take field trips during a 3 hour lab because great areas to do field work are a few minutes away.


The environment because the people are very friendly.


I believe the best thing about my school is the diversity and the fact that it allows students who wouldn't normally be able to enter the university on their own access to the campus through a program called Talent Development which allows financial assitance and admittance to the university.


The best thing about my school is that it is a middle sized school that offers great majors. I have just completed my first semester and have already had a wonderful experience.


The best thing about my school is the Talent Development program, a program that allows underpriveleged minors to achieve a college education when they wouldn't be able to otherwise (due to grades, SAT scores, etc). They provide exceptional financial aid and academic advisors under the condition that the participants attend a 6-week Pre-Matriculation program during the summer preceding their entrance into the school. If it had not been for this program, I wouldn't be where I am today.


The overall energy of the school, including the students and professors, is really great. I feel included and find it easy to make friends, which is awesome. It is also really nice to be able to talk with your professors openly as if the were your peers. So yes i think the best part of my school is the enery of the school, and the people there.


The best thing about the University of Rhode Island is that is has a great program for the major of my choice: Fisheries Technology. It was one of the first schools in the country to have this program and i have heard nothing but great things about it.


The best thing about URI is its location. It is about 15 minutes away from beaches, 40 minutes away from Providence, 30 minutes away from Newport, and a few hours away from New York City or mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire. The University is located in a small town, but a student can easily and quickly access a variety of different locations and landscapes.


The best things about the University of Rhode Island are the professors. Most of the professors are very well informed in their field of study and are very helpful. Most of the classes I have taken at URI I have actually found fun. The professors are very engaging and make learning the material an entertaining experience, for the most part.


I loved the friends I made and the fact it was by the ocean.


The people that go here are the best, there is a diverse population but a sense of pride as a whole for being a rhody ram


The best thing about The University of Rhode Island is the beautiful campus. The campus is located in Kingston and the large stone building add character to the campus. The campus is well manicured and relatively litter-free. The students take pride in their school and choose not to dirty the campus by littering.


The best thing about this school would have to be the learning atmosphere. I feel as though I can really concentrate and excel at the University of Rhode Island. Most of the people here are very nice and willing to help.


The best thing about my school is the variety of programs available. There are several groups that organize concerts and other entertainment and a wide variety of student organizations to participate in. Greek life is present as well as several professional fraternities. Apart from satisfying interests, my school offers many resources to help students succeed in school and afterward. There is an entire building devoted to "University College" which offers tutors, academic advising, and information on college success. Furthermore, there are frequently resume workshops, career panels, and career fairs to help students find and secure jobs that they will love.


The best thing about my school is the welcome-ness of it. If you need help here is always someone there to help, whether it be financially, health wise, or just academically. The faculity and students there are just very wiling to help, and everyone is social and engaging people.


The dietetics program i'm in is very unique.


good nursing program.


it is only one hour from home.


The best thing I would consider at my school would be the available internet access, research tools, library resources, food places, activities around campus and people who are able to help you in a certain field.


I think i would consider the best thing about my school is the activities available. I got involved in the on campus EMS and i've been there for close to a year and it helped me get a good job off campus. It really help me while in school from being bored out of my mind plus break dancing club. That is what i think is the best thing about URI.


The school offers a large amount of clubs, activities, and things to get involved with. Those activities make your experience worthwile.


There are many aspects that I love about the University of Rhode Island. But I would have to say that my favorite and the most important is the amount of ways that each students can get involved. I think that getting involved is really imporatant and that URI has that covered. For every person there is something that they can do.


The amount of people, and how everyone enjoys being outside.


The academic facilities are very clean and are a good work environment. The resources at the school are abundant, as far as if you need to use academic resources to succeed.


The best thing at my school are the professors. I truly believe that they are 150% dedicated to making the students's future worthwhile. Every one of my professors has made it a point to push me to do my best and supported me when I had difficulties understanding the material. They sat with me and explained what I wasn't comprehending. The professors themselves are very interested and enthusiastic about their field which can be seen through their teaching.