University of Richmond Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a small, private, predominantly white university (with a significant percentage of international students) that is both rigorous and rewarding--academic, professional, economic, political, and social resources and opportunities abound, and 98% of people here will hold the door for you.


Beautiful campus, superb academics, awesome kids


This school is a very work-intensive place with many stressors and high expectations.


A fun, engaging school that challenges students while also allowing students time to develop life long social connections.


The wonderful services and facilities creates a convenient "bubble " that students rarely need to leave because all the essentials are provided.


College was the best four years of my life.


University of Richmond is in a bubble outside the city of Richmond, where conservative ideals take over and are often enstilled in the students that show up throughout socialization among the typically upper-class nurtured student.


The professors at this school will DESTROY you. Your papers will generally have more pen ink than printer ink on them. There is no skipping class because there are only 20 other students and a professor might call to check if everything is okay. Even the best and brightest pull all nighters getting 20 page papers done for their intro classes. Businessweek rated the b-school twentith in the nation... that does't say enough. We are Division I FCS winners


A place of acceptance and somewhere where you can expect to get a great education.


kind of isolated from the city but very beautiful


very academically and career focused with weekend life revolving around fraternal life.


Nice place, good academics, plenty to do, make friends or you'll be miserable.


The most beautiful and one of the most friendly campuses in the world.