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The University of Richmond fosters a great learning environment through professors that are always available, on campus resources, and guaranteed funding for off-campus experiences such as internships.


The school is just the right size and offers a ton of opportunities. Great reputation!


UR is an extremely highly ranked school. Check it out with any of the ranking authorities.


It is small and has a beautiful campus.


Richmond has a great balence of strengths. It's in a residential part of Richmond, but the city is so accessible that there is always a lot to do. The Greek community is strong and a blast to be a part of, but you can be independent and still maintain a fun social life. The students like to work hard and play hard, so you're learning a lot while also having the time of your life.


This school fosters an education that is grounded in lived experiences. Academic freedom is given to students who wish to create majors, minors and concentrations. Professors are the best resource for any student. The community of students lives close together and the social atmosphere is relaxed and includes non-drinkers, light-drinkers, and heavy drinkers.


Not much, it is the oldest and had a business, leadership, and arts and sciences school


Raw video from Chopper 10 of lockdown at University of Richmond


Go to a state school and enjoy yourself while your young. Turn back now. People say that you will get a better job after graduating richmond, but that is completley false. Its all about who you know rather than what you know, so the schools with the bigger alumni's have just as good of a reputation.


Sometime the RICHMOND BUBBLE is quite suffocating.


Go to Richmond. It's a beautiful campus, you'll get a great education, and the students know how to have a good time.


I can sincerely say I didn't really enjoy my first year at Richmond. It just isn't the place for me--not accepting, open, or diverse enough--but I do know many people that are perfectly happy there, and have a great deal of fun. It all depends on what you are looking for and how well adjusted of a person you are. If you don't have any idea who you are or are not strong enough to maintain your individuality in a majority of people who have the same background and priorities, Richmond is not the place for you, because you can be assured if you are different, it will be a challenge to find friends. I also suggest visiting before making a final decision on your University. I know a lot of people visit Richmond and are in awe over how beautiful the campus is (which, we do have a gorgeous campus) but make sure you scratch that superficial of a surface. Ask different students what they think, pay attention to behaviors of people, notice details, etc.


freshman year housing isn't pretty, but the administration does an amazing job placing roommates.


overall I would recommend this school as a serious choice for academic study. It does have its shortcomings, but the weather is nice, and most people seem to be very happy there.




Richmond is SO MUCH FUN! If you love crazy, drunken dance parties on the weekend and working hard during the week to get a great education, you will love Richmond. Also, most juniors try to study abroad during their first semester junior year. So many people do it and go places all over the world. Almost everyone lives on campus for all four years, which makes it a very bubbly place.


Nah..i mean, I like Richmond, but you'll never find a perfect college. Richmond has its pros and cons. It has really good academics and a good social life. You have to take the iniative and take advantage.


Don't come here if you want the stereotypical college environment. As a campus few people are involved in politics, campus sports, or anything really. Basically students go to class, shop for more expensive clothes, and drink on the weekends.


Overall great school, just needs improvement on the student body.


Watch out for the drug game. It'll get you.


Richmond is a wonderful school. I could not have picked a better place!


The coordinate college system, of Richmond College (men) and Westhampton College (women) allow for a lot of involvement opportunities for both sexes, but also contributes to the sometimes lack of interaction between sexes. It is a great for students and they often find their niche. The first two years may be a little rough, but one junior and senior year roles around, people put aside their fraternity loyalties and such and just want to have fun. Also most kids go abroad junior year, especially in the fall, and the campus can become void of a lot of juniors, but those who do stay become very close. However the abroad opportunities are strongly encouraged and unlimited. Also ring dance, a Junior female tradition of basically a debutant ball at the historic Jefferson hotel downtown, is always an amazing night with your whole class, and a tradition students love.


Don't go here if you are looking for an amazing time with a lot of parties. Some of the people are fun to be around, and it seems like if you want to be "in" you have to be involved with greek life.


I feel that the stundents along with the faculty/administartors have much to learn about equality for all people. They fail to realize how much of true assholes they are beginning to show as events of racism continue to occur hear dealt with unfairly. Minorities understand the majoirty is white, but we will not submit to just rolling over and accepting these injustices. I belive this school can change, but those hear do not want to change.


If I could change one thing about the University of Richmond, that would easily be abolishing fraternities. They do nothing but segregate the campus, foster a culture of exclusion, and cramp the social scene. But, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon since so many people here seem to love them. Although I love the people here, there is still a decent chunk of them that I could easily do without. That said, the friends I have made here are so amazing, they have made every second of my college experience here a blast. While this University has decided disadvantages, I am very happy with my decision to come here, because realistically, what school doesn't? Anyone with a passion for learning as well as a desire to have some fun and meet amazing people would be at home here.


Richmond is a place I hated at first but have grown to like and even started to love. Take a look at it and if you truly want to learn and meet some very interesting people this is the place for you. They set you up with success for the rest of your life, there is a reason why this is one of the best schools in America.


I love Richmond. The people I've met here are great and it seems like everyone is actually genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say.


I love Richmond! Go Spiders!!!


come to Richmond!! it's the most fun you can have while still working your ass off, getting an amazing education, and graduating with a degree that will take you anywhere you want


It's a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.


sorry, i dont have much time- none of my grammar in this survey is even close to being correct.


I was so nervous to come to college, but I knew I had made the right college decision from the moment I stepped out of the car at orientation. All of the students were so friendly and the upperclassmen were so willing to help the freshmen find their way. The campus is beautiful, the education is amazing, and the people are genuine. I love it here, and I can't imagine myself at any other school.


Don't burn bridges you might need to cross later on. It pays to get along well with everyone you have to see day in and day out, so if you don't like someone, for goodness sake just don't talk to them. Social gossip is rampant and it just throws more people's reputations into the meat grinder.


Lots of people transfer. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think transferring is more prevalent here than other institutions. I think the problem is most people don't know exactly what they want out of college or don't do enough research before choosing a school.


I fucking hate this place. The girls are ugly (but think they're attractive, of course), the guys think they're gods gift to the Earth, the facilities and food here are pretty mediocre. Class selection is ridiculous and dumb. You simply cannot get what you want in course selections and don't expect to get the professor you want or even your second choice even if you get the class you need. Do expect to be surrounded by the work hard/play hard types who overly stress about tests, papers, and exams and at the same time are completely inept at the "play hard" part of that equation. I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out of this, and I know I can't fully explain why this place sucks because a lot of it is personal. What I've said is relatively accurate. You won't think the parties are good unless you lived a sheltered life at home, which I get the feeling a lot of kids here did.


If you're not rich and PREPPY you won't fit in here. As much as richmond likes the pretend, the campus is EXTREMELY monogomous. There is little diversity, and most people dress alike, act alike, and think alike. If you dont fit in the steryotype, you will most likely not like this school very much. Lots of people are snobby and conceited, and act like they're better than if you aren't "like them." Richmond sells Vera Bradley and Vineyard Vines in the bookstore - that gives you an idea of the demographic here. There are BMWS and Audis in the parking lot. Boys wear tight, pastel, pink pants. If its above 55 out, about 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the girls will wear sundresses (with the obligatory pearls, of course). IF YOU ARE NOT PREPPY BEWARE. you MUST realize that this steryotype is accurate. IF you fit in, its an amazing school i'm sure. People LOVE Richmond if it's right for them. They think its the best place on earth. It is a great place in many ways (particulaly academics, campus, weather, location). Please just be aware that there is a definite demographic which dominates it, regardless of what they try to tell you or how the brochure looks. Obviously, these generalizations don't hold true for everyone. Clearly I don't fit in here, but I still have friends, i still go out, and i still have fun. So it's not all bad and not everyone is the same. Just be aware of what you're getting into. It's not the real world, and it is not for everyone.


Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this school. There are things about it that I don't like, but there are things about it that I just love. Coming up to my senior year next year makes me realize how much this place has become home, and how much I'm going to miss it when it's all over.


make sure you become as friendly as possible the first few weeks here. The best way to have a good time here is to have a great group of friends


Richmond is an aquired taste. I know my experience here was not to my liking but I also could see how some students could find the environment very much to thier liking. My family was very diverse and multicultural. My high school's were huge and heavily followed. Sports and club activites were the highlight of my pre-college days. All of these things very much the opposite of what Richmond is. The academics are good enough that one could almost just put up with what it lacks, but I personally, just couldn't stand it for four years.


Richmond is way too preppy. At high school I was one of the 'average' kids - I wore jeans and a t-shirt to school, did some extracurriculars, had a general idea of current events, went to classes and did my work etc. but here I feel like a liberal, radical, crazy, weird hippie. My views about life have changed a lot - I am now extremely left wing, I prefer to wear tie-dye, jeans and Birkenstocks (with socks!), I am actively concerned with human rights, the environment and the world at large. Most of the students here, on the other hand, pop their collars, wear leggings as pants, spend hours in front of the mirror each morning, prefer to watch MTV or VH1 instead of CNN, and enjoy talking about what they plan to wear for their Greek social the following weekend.


You can say anything...but does anyone from the administration listen?


Absolutely not worth the new price of admission. I applied and subsequently chose to go to Richmond based in part and its extraordinarily reasonable tuition for such an esteemed education. However if I were applying just a year later the odds are much slimmer I would have considered it so highly. If I had gone on to enroll I would have been dissapointed at a University that is noticably lacking in a number of fields.


not really


The campus is just plain beautiful. All we have are giant red brick buildings and walkways and trees. Fall this year was unlike anything I have ever seen and I've been to some pretty cool places. We have amazing facilities including a brand new gym and fitness center. The lake is great, of course. I was very impressed with the fact that the commons overlooked a lake. How many people get to say that? I know I sound like a public service announcement or a paid plant but I am serious and mean everything I've said so far in this survey. Richmond is a great school full of awesome people. I have had my share of difficulties and am still working on some but so far the good has far out weighed the bad. And I think that is what college is all about. How are you going to learn how to adapt and deal if nothing bad ever happens? How are you suppose to appreciate the awesome times if things never suck?


Friendships really have a tendency to break up at Richmond due to fraternities. One of my best friends pledged a fraternity last year and he hasn't been the same since. He stopped wanting to hang out with me when people from his fraternity were around. He restricted his interest in the fine arts, which was his passion before he was in a fraternity. Now his whole life is business classes, fraternity and mock trial. He says he wouldn't change anything, but he always looks so stressed and unhappy. When I ask him how things are going he now thinks I am against his involvement in a frat. His life has become a mess of finance, economics, getting wasted every week, and slutting himself out to the entire campus. He looks and seems to be a hollow shell of what he once was. Independent thinkers: Please beware if you long for popularity. What you might become could destroy your sense of self.


I wanted to tansfer but I am staying to try to make a difference.