University of Richmond Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are very preppy, Type-A, and snobby.


preppy, polos, rich snobs, pearls, money, dress well


The stereotypical Richmond girl wears sundresses to class with pearls next to her boyfriend in khaki shorts and a polo shirt.


That the majority are too rich for their own good and way too preppy. Popped collars are an epidemic. Everyone is from New Jersey.


The major stereotype that we all acknowledge is that Richmond students are rich, preppy, white, and probably boarding school graduates. Guys in ties, girls in pearls.


Richmond is usually referred to as the "Richmond Bubble". The girls are gorgeous and the guys are decent.. but EVERYONE is preppy. It's a BEAUTIFUL campus with beautiful people, most have a lot of money.


Preppy, Rich,


That Richmond is full of rich and preppy kids from the east coast.


Rich, conservative, stuck up, Northern, douchebaggery all around, ugly girls


"Pretty campus, pretty people." Richmond is steryotypically full of extremly preppy, rich, white people from up north. It is also often described as the "Richmond Bubble." It's not the real world, nor representative of the actual population. You cannot escape the bubble; all of campus is its own little pseudo-world, sheltered and disallusioned from the realities of life.


People think that all Richmond students are rich and preppy.


everyone is preppy, rich, snobby


Everytime I see the movie Pleasantville, I think of the students that go here. Everyone here has grown up in rich, Brady Bunch families and have no idea what it's like to live a middle class life where their parents don't provide them with the Gucci shoes that they absolutely MUST have despite the poverty in this country. It's even more ironic that half the campus pretends to work towards the good of others raising money for their fraternity's or sorority's philanthropy when in reality all it is is a huge competition to see which frat or sorority is better than the other. To wrap it up... shallow, self-centered, competitive, rich preppy students whose main concerns are themselves, their money, the way others perceive them, and oh yea.. themselves.


There are a lot. To name a few, homogeneous (white, rich, preppy, New England in the South), ambitious, extremely involved, international, strong oncampus community, Greek, beautiful campus


Richmond is a beautiful school with a huge endowment. The administrators and professors are highly concerned with the student's success, resulting in close relationships. There is usually the stereotype that richmond students are rich, stuck-up overachievers, but there are a lot of people that break that stereotype.


The stereotype of Richmond is that it lacks Diversity. It can be clearly seen with the steretypical Richmond student too; White, Upper-Class, and mostly from the North Eastern States.


preppy, affluent, white, live in a 'bubble'


Wealthy, preppy, snobby


The the University of Richmond student body is homgeneous in nature comprised of afluent white Notherners. Richmond also is plagued by an "ivory tower" image.


preppy, rich, athletic.


Some basic stereotypes about Richmond students are that everyone is rich, preppy, fratty, business majors, and white.


There is this belief that all Richmond students are rich, northern, preppy kids. We're too busy studying to have fun, they say.


The major stereotype is that Richmond students are very preppy, and have basically stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, as well as that students are very wealthy, and that everyone is involved in Greek life and from New Jersey.


Richmond students are thought of as Type-A personalities who are often Northern and preppy. This stereotype has changed some though since I was a freshman and is not as apparent anymore. The Type-A part is still relatively true because students are so competitive and want to do well in their classes. Often, academic sacrifices take away from other things. Students here are also over-committed because they want to be involved in so many things. We would probably benefit from cutting back and chilling out a little bit. The preppiness is fading though and as the years have gone on I have met more diverse students.


Richmond students only care about academics. Richmond students are super preppy. Richmond students live in a bubble. Richmond is lacking in diversity.


All richmond students are wealthy and most are from the northeast


Being from California I did not know any stereotypes before I attended. But I've heard that Richmond students supposedly walked right out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.


Some stereotypes are that everyone here is really rich and snobby and that we all wear designer clothes everyday.


I once was on a scavenger hunt, and one of the things we had to find was a person wearing a pink shirt with a popped collar. Suffice it to say that it was not the hardest item on the list to find. The stereotypical Richmond student is either upper-middle class or wealthier, drives a Mini, wears designer clothing, and either plays a sport or is in a fraternity/sorority.


Richmond students are definitely stereotyped as all being rich, preppy, white kids, and some will even say that we're all stuck up.


Richmond has a reputation for being snobby and overly-conservative.


"popular". studious. white.


People are preppy, preppy and more preppy. The student body is not diverse. Everyone has complete access to daddy's credit card. Every one is a business student.


All the girls are hot, wealthy, went to private schools, they excercise more than is healthy, they worry about what they eat too much, they all join greek life wear polo, lacoste, loafers, Vineyard Vines, are all blonde (not naturally) and much where pearls. The guys wear Vineyard Vines, wear sunglasses with those holders that keep them on them around their neck, they wear pastels readily and are really stuck up. They also join frats at a very high rate.


You'll often hear UR called "the Bubble" - which refers to the perceived isolation of the student body from the outside world, in terms of the campus' literal seclusion and supposedly narrow-minded social atmosphere. I don't think this label is completely fair; although the student body is certainly more on the homogeneous side, in my experience Richmond provides many opportunities to break out of this "bubble." Community service and international study are in particular supported by the campus community, and the school does a lot to encourage students to stretch outside their comfort zones and widen their worldviews. This doesn't mean that all students here take advantage of these opportunities, however, and sadly there do exist some striking divisions on campus, particularly racial and cultural.