University of Richmond Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




Overall, I love the school. It has a heavy focus on its high academic standard and wants to help all of the students succeed. I like the small school because it keeps the class size small which facilitates a strong relationship with each professor. The academic standards are high which gives the school a strong reputation. School spirit is there is you look for it, but won't overwhelm you. Richmond is right next to VCU so there is plenty to do ff campus.


The best thing about the University of Richmond is the community, and that is ultimately why I chose to attend. I applied Early Decision and have never regretted my choice. The size, in my opinion, is perfect. At a little over 3,000 undergrads, you can walk across campus and run into a handful of students that you know, while at the same time you are always meeting new people. I think our setting is ideal. We're nestled in a wonderful neighborhood, and the city of Richmond is very accessible. Students complain most often about the lack of school spirit, but I think it's important to note that school spirit can be displayed outside of sports games. The school very recently moved the football stadium on campus, so attendance is increasing. Overall, I am so happy I chose Richmond, and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.


UofR is the perfect size for me. You don't know everyone, but you recognize a lot of faces. It creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The student population is very smart and the work ethic here is super strong. The library is always packed and competition to succeed is high. It is a study hard/party hard kind of school. You wont find many slackers here...the professors wont put up with it and you can't "get by" at UofR. It is a challenging academic school and you learn a lot about yourself along the way in addition to all of the material you learn in the classroom. The campus is will hear that a lot. The school spends a lot of money making sure that every part of campus looks perfect. From the buildings, to the landscape, to the facilities, everything is top-knotch and the up-keep is frequently described as perfect.


Absolutely love UR. My favorite part of school is the science programs; I'm a biochemistry major so that would make sense. Undergraduate research is phenomenal. The school also has a beautiful campus, and is a manageable size. I like being able to walk from one end of the school to the other in 15 minutes. If I had to change anything, I'd like to have a more vibrant bike culture. Not many people use bicycles as their primary transportation source, and I wish the amount of car traffic on campus was lower. I love being close to downtown Richmond without living in downtown Richmond. We have a lot of school pride, though this is not often expressed through athletics. We are definitely not a football school. I love the library, the paninis in the dining hall, and the recreation center.


Overall, Richmond is an incredible opportunity. Research is readily available, class sizes are small, faculty and staff are always looking out for students, the campus is beautiful, and the city has a lot to do. Richmond is working on increasing diversity on campus and these efforts definitely show in recent years. The administration is always trying to improve the campus and student life. Also, if you're interested in study abroad, Richmond is the place to be. Plane ticket stipends, reimbursement procedures, a strong international office, etc. are all fabulous perks of studying abroad from Richmond. They work so hard to make it affordable and feasible for everyone. I'm currently abroad and loving it! This is definitely my favorite thing about Richmond. As for complaints, I find school pride a little lacking (until basketball season, of course!). This is a common complaint. The only other complaint is that it's a little difficult to get into the city from campus unless you have a car on campus. However, there are shuttles. For me personally, I find the campus a little small, but I still wouldn't change my college choice for anything. I've had a great first half of my college career and a large part of that is due to Richmond!


I love it here! The best thing about Richmond is that you can really have it all - the options of tons of majors, study abroad options, and social events, while still finding time to make close friends, and have tons of fun. One thing I'd change is the transportation available to students. I'd have more shuttles, but they're in the process of doing that now. I love the size of the student body because there are tons and tons of people I don't know, but whenever I leave my dorm room to go anywhere, I see at least one friend. When I tell people I go to Richmond they either say how great of a school it is, or they've never heard of it; it's a tossup really. The City of Richmond is great and has a lot of museums, restaurants, clubs, and fun things to check out, it's worth the 10 minute trip. I love the personal attention that professors give you, sometimes I pass my seminar prof from last semester and he always stops to ask me how I'm doing.


Overachiever central. Everyone wants to do EVERYTHING. Richmond kids want to excel in the classroom, on the field, in clubs, leadership positions, and in their social lives. People work really hard here, but they also play hard.


I love the University of Richmond. It is a small University with the small campus feel while at the same time having the resources of a large university. It is a gorgeous campus, and thus many people from the community often come to run/walk around the lake. The school has a lot of traditions which give the university a sense of character. The school is located ten minutes outside of the city of Richmond thus there are a plethora of activities to dip their toes in. However, if students so choose, as many do, you never really need to leave campus because everything you need is located on campus. The favorite hang out during the week is definitely Boatwright Library!


The absolute best thing about my school are the people! Richmond is a place where you feel welcome, safe, and most importantly significant. The small class sizes allow you to work close with your professor as well as develop friendships with classmates. The campus is also in an amazing location. We are in walking distance of the James River (which is where people love to go on warm days) while we also reside right outside of the city of Richmond and are less than two hours from Washington D.C.. Being that the location of the school is so great there are plenty of opportunities on and around campus!


This school is so unique. It is a small school but has a medium sized school feel. We have division 1 sports and greek life. Yet with greek life you do not have housing so it is not too overwhelming. The school is an academic school that knows how to have a good time. It is in a very nice neighborhood with fun areas surrounding the school. The school itself is gorgeous. The school does a great job with having all buildings look alike and having nice greenery. Overall the professors are amazing and really there for the students. I have had so many professors give me their personal numbers and said to call if we need help at any time.


I love Richmond. It is a high class place with great profs, interesting people, gorgeous (seriously) campus, and good food. The size is nice, although it feels small sometimes, until I change my routine and run into all new faces. People definitely spend a lot of time on campus, and it would be nice to have more of a "city" culture. But sometimes that just takes borrowing a car/figuring out the shuttles. Probably one of the most interesting things about Richmond is how crazily huge the endowment is. Because of this, our campus stay beautiful, professors top notch, and the activities/venues/resources that are brought to campus are almost unheard of for undergrads at a small-ish school.


The best thing about the University of Richmond is the community, and that is ultimately why I chose to attend. I applied Early Decision and have never regretted my choice. The size, in my opinion, is perfect. At a little over 3,000 undergrads, you can walk across campus and run into a handful of students that you know, while at the same time you are always meeting new people. I think our setting is ideal. We're nestled in a wonderful neighborhood, and the city of Richmond is very accessible. I have nothing but good things to say about the professors; they're extremely willing to meet with students if they need extra help, and the small class sizes ensure a lot of individualized attention. I am so happy I chose Richmond, and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.


Richmond is the perfect school for anyone looking for a small, prestigious community to call home for their college careers. At roughly 3,200 undergraduate students, Richmond is small enough where you will see familiar and friendly faces when you are int he dining hall or going to class, but big enough where you will not see the same kids every day for four years. We spiders create a tight community where everyone seems to be looking out for each other. Although not everyone knows of the University when you tell them you go to Richmond, the people that matter such as employers are very familiar with the school and are impressed with the name. Our mascot is the only NCAA mascot called the spiders, and we are certainly proud of them. Our football team won a national championship a few years ago and our basketball team made it to the sweet-16 last year. What's not to love about the spiders?


This school is a place where people go to balance school work and other activities. It is a place where lots of people are involved and know how to have a good time.


I am literally in love with everything about my school. I could not imagine myself any other place. Occasionally it seems like my school is too small because it often seems like everybody knows everyone else, but other times, that is another awesome part of my school. It is so good to walk to class and see a ton of familiar faces. You always have someone to eat with or study with or just hang out with. UR literally gives me every opportunity I could possibly ever want and every single person on campus genuinely wants me to succeed.


I could not love it more! Richmond is on the smaller side of schools, but it is just right. It is slightly bigger than most high schools and provides big school experiences with a small school atmosphere.


Overall I am in love with this school. It has provided me with opportunities to enhance my personal, academic and professional life every semester. The personal relationships I have formed with professors have led to internships both domestic and international as well as research projects that have given me the experience I need for my future. If you are thinking about the University of Richmond you already know about the amazing programs and the top notch education you will receive. If you didn't know the food is some of the best in the nation and Richmond City provides even more delicious options ( Cous-Cous.)You most likely have seen the astonishing beauty of this campus and yes it always looks that pretty! If there was one thing I would change would be to allow students to swim in the gorgeous lake that lies in the center of campus. While stunning to look at as the sun sets and the water glistens, a little splash in the spring when things get warm would make my experience here at Richmond the best I could ever imagine.


I love Richmond. The amenities are absolutely amazing and everybody on the campus is so friendly and helpful. This is definitely a small school, but that is not a limiting factor at all. People are always hanging out and having a good time and are not defining themselves by a certain group. The school is always working on new initiatives for students and the administration, particularly President Ayers is fantastic. I had Dean Benner as my academic advisor coming to school and I was extremely impressed how the accessible he was and how much he actually helped guide me with any questions I had. The only real complaints I hear on campus are that there are limited late-night on campus food items and that the school can be a little small.


UR is the perfect school in so many ways. Classes are very small and discussion based. You really get to know your professors very well, which leads to great out of the classroom learning opportunities, including independent undergraduate research. Basically, it is a small university with the resources of a very large school...which benefits UR students in so many ways! Similarly, UR is located on a beautiful campus with gorgeous brick buildings (all modeled after the original 100 year old buildings on campus), a lake, and beautiful greens. Most of all...the students who attend UR are very proud of their school. Whats not to be proud of?!


UR has the most beautiful campus of any college any where. The faculty is top notch. Ration is 1:8. You are not a number.


Way too small. Your stuck on campus, and every weekend you will do the same thing with the same people. It gets very old and boring fast. The week is brutal. In order to have any semblance of a good GPA, you will have to be in the library for hours at a time, daily.


The first thing that comes to mind about UR is that is it a small, private school. I think there are only around 3,000 undergraduates. For me, personally, that was one of the reasons I chose UR; I love the smaller size. I love the familiarity of the campus, and how you're always guaranteed to see friendly faces you know wherever you go. And it isn't TOO small; after all it is not like a high school. UR is also a very academically challenging school, and is also very very selective in choosing people to attend. Therefore one thing one immediately knows about all the students is, whether they are athletes, musicians, or huge partyers, everyone is really smart and knows the importance of working hard to succeed. The classes are difficult, especially since they are taught by very knowledgable teachers ( I have yet to have one without a doctorate degree). However people quickly learn that if you work hard, of course you can play hard too! There's tons of school pride, and I really love the school. Another nice thing is that UR is only about 10 minutes away from downtown Richmond, so although it has that small-town secluded campus feel, it certainly isn't in the middle of nowhere.


I think the most pertinent question any student applying to college should ask is, "How does the administration treat it's students? What privileges are students afforded and what is taken away?" Richmond's administration has created an undeniably nice living environment in the form of a beautiful campus, spacious dorms, good facilities and a new gym. However, they seem to know we have it very nice and feel entitled to tweaking it however they like these days. A case in point is the university commons building, called the Pier. It houses student activities, student government, the on campus bar&grill, etc. From what I understand it used to have ping pong tables in it as well. In recent days the administration has been transforming the place. They are making way for a new Career Development Center office at the expense of student government space. The office of Common Grounds, the community service office, is located in the THC. The room that used to have ping pong tables in it is now simply a study lounge seldom utilized by students anymore. The administration is "improving" the commons willy nilly to suit its own agenda. So it is also with fraternities at Richmond. The Greek system enjoys dominance over the majority of the social scene at Richmond, with over 30% of men and near 50% of women participating. This system, which the administration considers very risky in terms of liability, comes with certain conditions. One of the biggest myths propogated by the school in tour groups is that the fraternities are not on campus. Yet, they own all our land and most of the lodges (which are a joke in and of themselves - they are literally just a place to party and have frat meetings, no residence allowed) are all leased to the fraternities. The administration holds this over our heads to get their way with the fraternities, i.e. limit their activities. That said, we do enjoy an enormously privileged life. Q school for the business students is a great example, a free event just before the start of the school year where the school puts you up in a hotel and teaches you business skills for a few days. And anybody can come to Richmond thanks to the school's guarantee to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.


URichmond also has a lot of great FREE resources such as academic skill center (free tutoring), Center for Civic Engagement, Career Development Center, and much more. Our university also has numerous of opportunities to obtain a leadership position whether as a teaching assistant or officer in an extracurricular organization. Since I am a chemistry major, I am required to perform a certain amount of research. Undergraduate student are actually performing hands on hardcore research. Some school only let graduate student research while undergraduate student merely observe. By the way, there are no graduate student teaching any classes, only professors. Dorms are bigger than huge schools such as Pennsylvania State. Biggest controversy: Switching our point system from credits to units to imitate ivy league schools without consulting students' opinions. I hope the system doesn't screw our science majors over, since an organic chemistry class with lab is worth the same amount of units as a Basic of Acting class.


If I could change anything about Richmond it would be to have a more involved campus and more activities on campus during the weekends. I really wish that students showed more school spirit or went to the events that are brought to campus. Also, I feel like the school clears out on weekends and there really is not a whole lot to do during the day if you stay on campus. Most weekends, because I didn't have a car, I was really bored during the day because I felt like there was nothing offered to do on campus. However I love the small size of Richmond's campus and the variety of things to get involved in despite the samll size. The administration to my knowledge, is really involved in what goes on on the campus which is attributed to the small size of our student body. When I tell people I go to Richmond back home, no one really knows anything about the school and they think I go to UVa. Anyone who has heard of the school though always comments on the beatiful campus immediately (which was actually one of the deciding factors for me as I tried to pick the right school for me) and the challening academic schedule. I've heard Richmond referred to as one of the "Ivies of the South"


The bes thing about Richmond is how small everything is. It's a lot easier to make connections with people when you constantly see them, rather than at a bigger state school where you're just a number. The biggest problem with Richmond is Alison Bartel Keller--she exists to crush dreams and ruin fun: picture a middle-aged, female Idi Amin without the cool military garb.


The best thing about Richmond is that you feel safe. You're nestled in a suburb so you don't have to worry about city traffic or a lot of crime. Then again, this aspect is also Richmond's downfall. You are so secluded, it's almost as if you're stuck on the campus. Since the majority of students do not own cars on campus (even though you're allowed to bring one no matter what year you are) University of Richmond is often called "The Richmond Bubble" to current students. It is very hard to get off campus, so this small school becomes your world. Carytown, the little village of shops and restaurants, is nearby, and the school also has a shuttle that runs for students from the University to carytown, ukrops, or short pump (the mall area)--but they also fail to disclose the details it only runs during specific, small frames of time and the shuttle itself only seats twelve people.


The school itself consists of a beautiful campus with many top-notch amenities for a school its size. It also has a gigantic endowment totalling just over a billion annual dollars, so you know that everything will be maintained well. Richmond has a Division I athletic program, but a lot of sporting events are sort of under the radar. As a result, athletes tend to be pretty down to earth and not at all full of themselves.


richmond is a great school if you're looking for a real community. because the school is located in a wealthy and residential area of richmond, the campus really is the hub of activity. i spend a lot of my time when i'm hanging out on campus in my dorm because my friends lived on my hall. the library is great but don't expect to get much studying done on the non-quiet floors. it's open 24-hours, so a lot of people gather there to chat. it is really comfortable and the quiet sections are great for getting work done. recently on campus we had a racial incident in the theater, when a doll whose face had been painted black was strung from a noose. the entire campus rallied after the incident, which really showed me that the act was that of an individual and not a group. apropos to school pride, i really only go to the games where i know people on the team: women's lacrosse, club soccer, etc. the football games are off-campus but hopefully they're building a stadium on campus, which will make it easier to get to games. my biggest issue with richmond at the moment is the fact that they don't do blocked housing, so my housing situation next year is not great. i'm suiting with three of my good friends, but all of our other friends are in different dorms, which is hard.


Richmond is a small private school with low class sizes, great professors, and diverse academic opportunities. The campus is beautiful, as well. The food compares favorably to other schools' situations. Students are generally friendly, but social life can be cliquey depending on Greek affiliation and membership in other groups. The campus is secluded, but the city and surrounding suburbs are a short drive away. A car is definitely nice to have and all students are able to park on campus.


Best thing about Richmond: solid, challenging academics, beautiful campus Would change school by: having more socioeconomic diversity -- its a bunch of rich white kids, tuition is ridiculously expensive I'm from Chicago, and most people around my area haven't heard of Richmond Definitely "what college town?" -- it's a huge bubble surrounded by a mile in every direction by extremely rich, isolated neighborhoods, not a lot of good places to hang out on campus like you would find in a typical college town


People usually don't know that U of R exists, if I tell them I go to U of R they always mistake me for saying I go to VCU.


The good Richmond is a nice place to study. The campus is very beautiful, the library open 24 hours a day, and 24 hour access to certain buildings. The staff mostly are helpful, with a few exceptions, the gym is very nice and has pleasant hours. The dining hall and grill on campus have equally reasonable hours so that students do not go hungry, even if the meal plan gets worse every semester. The school is also just about the right size, and has opportunities for students to get involved in, as well as an absolutely stunning lake, and decent shows at the modlin center. Buses can also be taken to the surrounding city, but most people on campus have cars anyway The bad For most people there arn't that many negatives. For me, I feel like the CAPS (campus psychology services department) is very cold and unfriendly. The medical staff also can be somewhat difficult to deal with at times, but are nice. I also had several problems with the student advising program, I hate to blatantly say "don't trust your academic advisor" but in a lot of cases, they can be misleading about actually caring for your personal academic interests.


The administration has been known to crack down on students in a seemingly harsh manner, however from what I've seen and experienced they do give you a lot of leeway. And while they may seem to be giving you your death sentence, their punishments are really just annoying and rarely will they have any long lasting effects. The police force, on the other hand, is the most useless and pathetic group of out of shape idiots. They have the mentality that they want to screw over any student as much as possible. Once, one was hiding in full camouflage in the woods trying to catch people smoking pot. Anyway, these are two reasons why I think it's best to get off campus as much as possible and don't put too much energy into dorm parties because you always get written up if you stay long enough. There is so much to do either down town or in other niches of Richmond. Tons of music comes through here and there are a lot of fun bars or clubs around. Basically, the school is small and the campus does not have a lot of options, so try doing a lot of different things with your weekend nights because the more you vary it up the more fun you will have.


I love it! The campus is beautiful, the professors are helpful, fun, and very intelligent. There is tons to do on campus and around Richmond. There are plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, movie theathers, etc. There are also a lot of historical sites to visit. I think UR has a great reputation. There are always going to be negative stereotypes at every college, but the positives at Richmond outweigh the negatives. I grew up living in Richmond and the University has a great reputation (aside from the fact that tuition keeps rising).


Richmond's great. Truthfully. But at the end of the day its just a huge group of immature kids, and there's drama and stereotypes that come with all of that. We do love to drink, can't deny that one. If you don't like to party, its not like you can't find your group of friends, I have plenty of sober friends, but we love to party. Actually that's nice because our weekends are mostly spent on-campus, and you do get to meet more people that way. I mean I don't know, its a crazy fun college experience. I wish we had more like school spirit when it comes to sports, but we're all proud to be spiders.




Richmond is a bubble-basically everything happens on campus. It could be good or bad, it depends on the person. Richmond is small, which can also be either a good or bad thing. It's great seeing people you know all the time all over campus, and almost always knowing at least one person in your class. But sometimes it can feel too small-it's hard to avoid someone you don't want to see. It also can feel like you've already met everyone, even if you haven't. Richmond is cool because there are a lot of traditions that other schools don't have. Richmond is very hit or miss-it seems that people either love it or hate it. It is an amazing school and soooo much fun if it is your type of school!


People don't realize what the city has to offer... outside of Shockhoe Bottom/Slip. They have no idea what the city really is like, nor what else is in Henrico/Chesterfield/Hanover/etc besides Short Pump.


The school is too small in terms of how many undergrads there are. The school itself is big for how many students there are. People react in a good way when they hear Im from Richmond. Richmond students tend to be studius during the weekdays and usually are in the library or whatever. Sports events could be better in terms of school pride. Freshman orientation and core class is something ill always remember..richmond does a great job with everyone getting to know eachother and making new friends. Student complaints are not enough places to eat, or seeing the same people everyday.


Richmond is a really good school academically, but it lacks passion for anything. The main social seen is the fraternities, and few people go off-campus unless they are headed to a bar on Richmond nights. The administration seems to care and attempts to respond to student concerns. Most recently, our campus has been having issues with race on campus. A lot has been done to address the issue, but it is definitely still unresolved. Few people attend spots events. It is a beautiful campus that affords a lot of opportunities.


The best thing about Richmond is the campus, especially the lake because it adds a lot of scenery. The size of the school is alright, but in my opinion kind of small, most people here like that though. Another nice thing is the location. It is located in the suburbs but is right on the edge of the city so you won't have to be stuck in the middle of nowhere like most colleges in Virginia. If you are into lots of school spirit for sports teams don't bother coming here because the students care too much about themselves to worry about the sports teams, which is a shame.


I don't know what I'd change about UR...I think it's just the right size. When I tell people I go here they usually say, "Oh, so you're really smart," or "Oh so you're rich." I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room or in my friends' dorm rooms, OR in Modlin (the music center) or in apartments. Richmond is not a college town b/c it's such a big city. UR is located on the West End (aka the "richmond bubble"....nice, suburban setting but close to the city). I haven't really met UR's administration, but I really like our new president (Ayers). Biggest recent controversy on campus was the race relations issue.....sort of got blown out of proportion, but a good issue to expose. I'll always remember my freshman orientation b/c I met great friends and fell in love with the school. The most frequent student complaints are that UR costs too much and charges us for anything and everything they can.


Richmond is small. Almost too small but I wouldn't trade a larger student body if it meant losing the small class sizes. The faculty is awesome. Great people all around. So is the Administration. The big problems with UR are definitely the overwhelming peppiness and some overt acts of disgusting racism. Weak. That aside, UR is great if you take the initiative to do what you want with the resources they offer. Kinda sucks as a school if you don't do that. You have to learn to love it.


It's a small school, but perfect size for me. I spend most of my time on campus, as do most students. Friendly atmoshpere. Kids are really into their schoolwork but also really into having fun.


The best thing about Richmond is the size. There are less than 3,000 students and that makes for great class sizes. You get to know each of your professors and they know you. Not only do they make time for you, but you can work individually with them outside of the classroom, because they are not juggling hundreds of students. Although Richmond may seem small at times, there are still tons of people who I haven't met! Another great aspect about Richmond is its location. It's nested back in the west-end of Richmond, in a very nice, small community. Essentially, the University sits behind neighborhoods. Because of its location, there are many shopping areas, parks, and restaurants close by. Many students love to drive into Cary Town, a modern area with street shops and dining. Most students complain that Richmond students do not have much school spirit. Most sporting events consist of students tailgating with drinks and food, and then leaving at half-time. Students do not usually dress in school colors for football games. Instead, women wear sundresses and skirts, while men dress in suits and ties. I will always remember orientation at Richmond. It is a unique experience. Richmond first-years arrive on Wednesday, and all of the upper-classmen arrive on Saturday. That allows four days for first-years to get adjusted on the campus before everyone else arrives. Each first-year is placed in an orientation group with both a male and female orientation advisers. During the four days of orientation, first-years attend dances, listen to speakers, participate in engaging activities, play intramurals, and attend a unique series called PlayFair. Orientation at Richmond is certainly memorable.


I love the coordinate college system and our strong honor code. Campus is a beautiful and happy place for most people, even when things get stressful or you are sad. There is a strong sense of community and plenty of opportunity to become involved with whatever interests you! School spirit could be improved and people could be better Spider athletic supporters, but, other than that, everything is fantastic! I will always remember the Westhampton College traditions. Proclamation night for first year and senior women, Ring Dance for juniors and Senior Celebration for seniors. Truly unbelievable and unique. Another unique aspect of the University is the Jepson School of Leadership Studies - it is definitely worth checking out. Being a part of the Jepson community enhanced my personal and academic experience so much. Frequently, students complain about the available food options on campus, but it has improved tremendously since my first year.


The small classes are definitely a huge positive for Richmond, and the campus is simply stunning, it is so beautiful, but a $1.5+ billion endowment helps. The size is great because you can always go to the dining hall and find someone you know, but you will still see plenty of people you don't know. Most students live on campus throughout their career, and the new gym is very popular, as kids like to stay fit and look good. The library and other study spots are quite popular during the week as social spots, but Thursday through Saturday the scene shift to the apartments or fraternity lodges. The city of Richmond is awesome if you can get out of the UR "bubble." Without a car its hard to really experience the city. You can always find a way to get to the local Ukrops and CVS, but downtown in Carytown and Shockoe Slip have great night life and amazing food of all different kinds. The New Toad's Place and The National are also two hot venues with big name artists every week. The Dean's are generally pretty warm to students, but in the past the administration has not seemed to care much about students, just rankings and money. However with our new president, Dr. Ayers, who brings his Tennessee charm to Richmond, the future looks bright. Unfortunately the sports are only attended when the teams are doing well, and there is no on campus football stadium, but there will be by 2010.


It is the "Hottest School for International Studies" This is definately true, study abroad programs are excellent and around 70% of people go abroad. The International Studies major is very popular and highly effective. Many international students also bring a great flavor. I hate how you can't get cell phone service on campus unless it's Cingular. I have Verizon and have dropped calls all the time! I love that it's a small liberal arts focused school. The professors actually know you and care about you. Richmond students get to do so much research that is unheard of at big state schools. Being in the city of Richmond is great because we're close to DC and there are so many internships and jobs available downtown. Our Athletics are Division 1 and our football team beat DUKE and made it to the semifinals for the conference last year.