University of Richmond Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you prefer a smaller campus, with a strong presence of Greek life and tough academic demands, then you should attend the University of Richmond. At Richmond, the people who are self motivated and know how to manage their time correctly are the ones who can be efficient and successful, which is basically the same at every other academic institution.


Must be incredibly motivated and a hard worker, usually preppy but doesn't have to be, knows what they want in the future yet still likes to meet friends and have fun


Someone who is really acedemically motivated, can work hard and play hard, and who is looking for the intimate small campus scene.


A person who is motivated to learn and also wants a well rounded liberal arts education.


Very intelligent, focused individuals, able to spend long hours completing extensive projects and other assignments.


Someone who is interested in academics, yet wants to have fun as well.


All kinds of people!


Goal oriented, outgoing people Must have nerves of steel and thick skin. The school offers no easy A.


A person who is willing to give up much of their time to the library.


Northeastern preppy who is not too interested in doing academic work and interested in fraternities.


Someone who is focused on school and wants a great job after graduation, but knows how to have a good time.


Someone who likes that the professors knows their names and sees their potential


any type