University of Richmond Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're not open to new ideas, don't come here. Alternatively, if you're not comfortable with the homogeneous population, don't come here. Although the student body is mainly comprised of white, mid-Atlantic kids, they will inevitably surprise you with their diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and social experiences.


If you do not want to challenge yourself, then the University of richmond is not for you. Someone that plans on slacking in college and not taking at least five hours out of your day to study, should not attend this school. The University of Richmond is a wonderful school, but it is also very sheltered. We live in a bubble, as some students call it. If you plan on going out every night, this school may not be the best choice. You will enjoy yourself at times, but the social life is not that great. THE WORKLOAD IS HEAVY!!!


This school is not for people who are not independently motivated and disciplined, who would prefer a large campus community, who are not friendly, who don't work well with people holding different interests/views, who don't take their school work seriously, who can't multi-task.


Anyone that is lazy, scared of late nights and long hours, doesn't like to read or search for deeper meaning in texts should not attend this school. Some people say that UR (University of Richmond) should mean Unlimited Reading; here at UR we are readers, we eat, breathe and sleep books. Moreover, if you are someone who does not take head to instruction well, likes to make non-plausible excuses and parties excessively without being able to fullt recover in time to function as you should; this university is not for you.


A liberal, ethnic minority, from a low socioeconomic status or poor neighborhood who dislikes socializing, partying, and generally being energetic and outgoing.


Students who are too liberal will have a hard time fitting in and should therefore not attend.


If you are an extremely introverted person who doesn't enjoy social interaction, you may find Richmond overwhelming. If you consider yourself socially awkward, it will not ruin your Richmond experience - the school could even help you become more comfortable in social situations.


Someone who likes a more intimate education.- looking for small classes and relationships with your professors. Someone who is okay at a smaller school with students with diverse interests.


People of color, because there are very few of them. Anyone who doesn't like cliques, or who would prefer to hang out with adults. Anyone who likes having a varied social life or intellectual conversations need not apply.


Conservatives! There are too many of them already.


Certainly not a slacker. The work is hard and the grades do not come easy


Someone who wants an easy 4 years of academics