University of Richmond Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Mary Catherine

I wish I had known better how to balance my coursework. I started out with 17 credits in my first semester freshman year and quickly felt like I was drowning. I would have preferred to space out my general education requirements and if necessary, taken a course or 2 over the summer.


I wish I took advantage of the many resources available at the business school, which is the university's prized possession.


I wish I knew nothing more or nothing less than what I did when I entered. I prepared well, and the unexpected occurrances that I have faced have actually helped me gain experience and learn as I go. That is a part of going off to college: you learn how to manage your own life and personally deal with problems if and when they arise.


Before I came to the University of Richmond, I wish that I would have known more about the social aspect on campus. I have met some wonderful people, but there is not a lot to do on campus. I should have also researched more about the types of people that attend the school because it is very preppy and uptight. I also should have searched the activities for students of color, we do have some involvement on campus, but I feel that our choices are somewhat limited.


I wish I had known how mentally challenging the classes would be in that students are required to be active participants and go beyond what is asked of them.


It is very preppy and one HAS to have a pretty extensive wardrobe to fit in. The racial homogeneity is pretty overwhelming (there is very little diversity).


It is much more challenging than my high school was.


I thought I was going to a Southern campus, but in reality, U of R draws its students mostly from the Northeast! It ended up being a great blend of Northeastern students and a very Southern city--a wonderful experience for this Midwestern girl.


How much I would appreciate it after graduating!


I would have paid more attention the specific majors and what courses were actually offered versus just whether what overall majors were offered.


take extra blankets because they don't switch the A/C to heater until LATE in the year!


The difficulty if obtaining the classes you want, when you want them.


That Dennis Hall was better than Gray Court.