University of Rochester Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Meliora! Live by the motto of being ever better.


Subtle, encouraging, nest for great thinkers


The University of Rochester is a very open-minded place that is highly focused on research.


I think the school motto describes itself perfectly when it says ever better, because students and faculty are always trying to improve the school, and therefore, themselves every year.


What season? Winter season it is a white and snow covered wonderland, but can stay white for many months. It has that hard to describe college feel-the library stands tall at the center of campus, the buildings look like places where I would go to learn, the ivy helps that feel as well. It really is a beautiful campus by any rate, winter or no winter.


To me, if you come to our school in the early fall or late spring you will think that you have just stepped on an ivy campus. The buildings are old brick surrounded by beautiful landscapes along a river.


My school has an extremely welcoming environment that provides ambitious students with the necessary tools they need to succeed.


Academically rigorous, research focused and prepares well for graduate school, not career oriented, amazing resources if you take advantage of them, students are competitive academically, but will motivate and are willing to assist peers, group collaboration is encouraged, social life typically revolves around the library or campus community events, unless involved in greek life (which isn't very prominent on campus), not a very sports enthusiastic university.


Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, is the one of the friendliest places for the new musicians of this country, and also for foreigners who decide to pursue a carreer in the United States. It is one of the most supportive and caring music schools in the whole world.


The Eastman School of Music is truly the best school out there for becoming a strong, and diversified musician.


The University of Rochester is probably the only college I would have felt at home at.


A small research university.


I am an open friendly intelectuall and creative person who enjoys my studies and the outdoors and live spiritually.


The University of Rochester: the place to go for an overpriced experience of great professors, lots of snow/rain, a diverse, generally friendly group of students, and awful food.


It is a great school academically but it is bad socially


Study hard during the week, party hard on the weekends.


University of Rochester is a competitve and difficult school to do well in.


A place where a student has the freedom to focus on themselves and their futures.

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