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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


-socially awkward -pre med


Nerdy, rich, jewish


That we're extremely nerdy, never go out, aren't very social, etc. That we're part of RIT


A stereotype of most Rochester students is that we are the rich nerds who couldn't fit into or couldn't get into the Ivy league schools so ended up here as back up. A stereotype about Rochester as a university is that it is a teach yourself sort of atmosphere, and as a research school the professors are there for research and teach only because they have to rather than actual enjoyment or proficiency in teaching students.


Some of the stereotypes are that everyone is very antisocial and nerdy.


don't really know any.


We're not really big enough to have our own stereotypes, heh. In my experience, there are a lot of fairly well-off and sheltered students here, but also a lot of students who would seem like they belong at some state party school until you realise how intelligent they are. It's a small, selective school, so less-than-intelligent peers are the exception, not the rule, assuming you avoid a few select classes and majors. There's a healthy Greek scene, with the major frats having houses on campus, but it's quite easy to get by in campus social life without pledging; I'm going into my senior year as a non-Greek all the way through, with no regrets. The frats offer a wide range, from traditional drink-and-haze type of frats to some more academically focused or casual frats. There are a bunch that live in other campus dorms or off campus rather than on the frat quad; these ones tend to be a lot more laid back, with less big parties and less rigorous pledging processes.


Very hard working students, very nice people, not competitive, willing to study in groups, work hard, party harder, except when it's cold


Rochester is a far and distant land where Winter reigns, and if there is any sun, it pokes its head out for five seconds to laugh at your shivering ass. Don't get me wrong: the fall and summers are beautiful, but the winters are harsh...surprise! That's the majority of the school year. If there is anything true about Rochester students, it is that they study hard, but party harder. At least, kids who aren't international students, premed, biology, or mechanical engineering...wait, that's about 30 percent of the student body... Almost everyone plays an instrument and/or appreciates music, which is a plus. Also, most people are above average intelligence, which is pretty nice. There are many unique characters at Rochester, ranging from chill, accepting, and laid back, to anal librarywhores. Rochester is diverse, if you say 5/8 white, 2/8 chinese, and 1/8 other.


That everyone who goes to U of R is either really smart or really rich


1) It's cold. 2) They study all the time. 3)They are all science nerds.


That it is an extremely hard school and all we do is study.


There are a lot of Jews. They are Cornell rejects. They are loaded with money. The weather is disgusting and gray all the time. Majority of the student is very nice kind people. Your free to take anything you want. Its a small research university with a lot of opportunities. Weather can make you depressed and nearly suicidal.


Generally, Rochester, or UR if you will, is considered very academic. There are a plethora of science majors, and they study a lot. People don't go out a lot, and it is hard to make friends. Just tonight, I met a random person from another school who noted that going Greek was the only chance at a social life at UR.


That all Rochester students are geeky book worms.


Everyone is really nerdy and smart.


I went into the school expecting nerdy, studious students and not much of a party scene. The students seemed very laid back.


That we're all pre-med and science-oriented.


that its very cold and unlivable.


rochester students are stereotyped as ugly in general


Everybody is a geek/nerd who works too hard, studies all the time, and doesn't do anything for fun. That we're all straight-A students, graduated at the top of our classes, and have IQs off the charts. That we're all science people who are boring.


We're Nerdy. We live like moles in tunnels


geeky math and science students


Rochester is stereotyped as being a research school which is somewhat true, but not like you probably envision. Rochester students are stereotyped as nerdy which is also overblown.


-People think that Rochester is some sort of SUNY school and think the education is at the same level as SUNY schools. -We're all Ivy Rejects -Rochester's Weather is terrible -Parking is a nightmare


That they are all ugly and nerdy, its cold as shit and the food sucks, same with the sports. Being an engineer it seems like my college experience is significantly more difficult then the average student here (econ,poly-sci,psych), who can just float through their classes without much effort or involvement, and then the general classes that I take like chem/bio/physics are massive for such a small school, for example my biochem class last semester was approx 400-500 people, which is just crazy for a school of 4000, and being that large makes not only teaching the material but learning the material difficult.


nerdy, intense about academics, everyone is pre-med/in the sciences


1.) Rochester winters are long and bitterly cold. 2.) Students study all the time.


Rochester if often confused for a public state school, and is also often confused with RIT. The atmosphere here is very hard working, though there are parties on the weekends.


all super smart and are always doing work.


We are all kind of nerdy; Rochester is the safety school for Ivy League wannabes. There are tons of math/science people who don't do anything but work and a big population of greek life people who don't do anything but party.


I think the most prevalent stereotype about U of R students is that we are all pre-med, and therefore, Biology majors. Rochester is well-known for having a winter that lasts for six months.


I would not say that there is a strong stereotype of Rochester students - there is a pretty big variety of people here.


The girls are ugly, and apparently the guys are too.


I really never heard of the University of Rochester but I know it is a very elite school so there may be some stereotypes about the people being uptight, aloof, and snobish. It is really cold here in the winter.


Rochester is perceived as crime-ridden and filthy. The students are considered either a workaholic who does nothing but study, or a slacking drunk involved in Greek life.

Yell O. Jacket

That we're RIT.


I'm not really sure to be honest


I do not know of any stereotypes here at the UofR ...people might think that this school is for people who wanted to go to an Ivy league, and this was there fall back,but I don't belive that.


As Rochester attracts such a diverse group of people, I actually haven't heard any stereotypes. There are plenty of people that go out and party but there are also plenty of people who entertain themselves other ways. Everyone is pretty academically inclined, for the most part.


I wouldn't say there are any set stereotypes. The freshman can sometimes be very gung ho about going to a "new ivy," walking around in rochester sweatshirts/pants, etc, every day. I would say most Rochester kids are assholes and it's hard to find a few people you can really hang out with every day without wanting to kill yourself.


That we like the cold! So not true, but we deal with it because we love Rochester and we love our friends.


Some stereotypes about UR is that everyone here is Jewish or Asian....which is not true! Sure, I know a lot of Jewish people and Asians, but it's not a hugely diverse campus as some may think. Also, this school is not only good for people looking to go into medicine. Engineering, philosophy, history, and music are all amazing here.


To be honest I'm not really sure. I'd say we are pretty laid back though


overachievers, not very attractive (especially girls)


dorky.. don't go out on weekends... ugly (so not true!) ... all pre-med...


Stereotypes are that Rochester students are all rich kids, pampered, and that they're athletic programs tend to be overall average.


Nerdy, not athletic, not social


Bookworms, don't have fun, snobs, wannabe Ivy Leaguers.


UR is a first and foremost a science school. We attract all the science geeks that were the last people rejected from the Ivy-League schools. We also have a spillover of the "weird" Eastman students. These are of course from the people who have actually heard of UR.

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