University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The types of people who would most enjoy the University of Saint Francis are ones who are willing to embrace a liberal arts education, those who are respective of other's faiths and willing to explore their own, those who have higher goals than partying on the weekends. They should be people who have an appriciation for the fine arts or are commited to serving others. They should be people whp are more dedicated to making a difference in the world than in making money or making a name for themselves.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants a more hands on education for their particular major. They should also be a committed student who wants to do the work and help out the community. Mostly anybody can attended but a student can only survive if they are driven to do well and have goals.


A self-driven person with good work ethic should attend this school. It is a good place where none of the teachers bug you about work; they expect you to do it on your own. Which is why someone would need the fortitude to force themselves to complete their work.


Somebody who wants to excell in their education and live in a diverse community.


The school is very close knit and friendly. People that get along with others well and are ok with defending their work will do very well at this school and fit in. People with an open mind and can multitask well. It can be really stressful sometimes here and you have to deal with its pressures a lot.