University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school are unique, beautiful, intelligent young women. Everyone has something different to offer to our school to make it a more diverse university where individuals can be themselves and feel comfortable doing it. I have been able to meet some incredible ladies that are passionate about their major and know exactly what they want to do in life. Our institution is a small organization of women who have high expectations for themselves to do great things in what they are passionate about. Many students here are in our nursing program and want to become registered nurses in their near future and they have the hardest curricular to follow making each one of them that much stronger and knowledgeable in their field of study. They go into clinical when they become juniors and build relationships/connections with other nurses and many of them do get hired for a job after graduation because of the great work they do during clinical and the amount of effort they put into their school work. Other students who are involved in other majors do get put into internships that help them create a stronger professional image, gain a hands-on experience, and grasp a better understanding of the type of job they are most likely going to be interested in doing in the near future.


My classmates would be fun and compassionate.


Everyone at Saint Joseph College is very nice and everyone is willing to help, theres no need to feel shy especially because its a all girl school therefore everyone goes through the same thing at one point or another


The girls in my classes vary greatly in their personal interests and ambitions, however, they all strive to do their best and make the college campus a great place to live and learn on.


my clasmates are nice, creative, respectful and most of all friendly.


Everyone wants a good grade and works hard to get one.


My classmates are nice and friendly and are always available for extra help.