University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Academically, it is known for the nursing BSN, but the education and pre phramacy programs are also very popular. Socially it is known for being an all girls' campus.


My school is best known for certain majors, my school has a very good reputation for students who plan on majoring in nursing or nutrition


Their Nursing program, it is a very difficult and demanding program however if you succeed in it it is very benefical. This is my major


Saint Joseph College is a grreat Education and Nursing Program school. The Nursing Program is challenging and very effective. Health Care professionals and locals agree that the best nurses in Hospitals come from Saint Joseph's College!!


i think our school is best known for the academic programs, the small class rooms, and the wonderful faculty and staff


The nursing program and the education program. Any graduate from SJC can walk out of here with their degree and get a job, just based on the school's reputation for graduating only the best.


It is a Catholic women's college and well-known for producing educated, competent professionals.


Our school is best known for our outstanding nursing and education programs and our service to the community