University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

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The staff really cares about you. You aren't a number to them or a student. You are family. I really liked the personal connections. I really liked the ratio of student to intructor. It was really small. This way I am getting the small college education, but with a campus with large possibilites for after school.


The school has a very unique environment. The students and teachers were able to communicate very effectively here. The same can be said for the students in different points in their academic career. While most schools seemed to want to seperate people depending on their academic standting, majors, financial status, or even class year, the University of Saint Joseph made a point to be inclusive to all of its students.


My college is an all-women's college, which gives it a sense of professionalism that other co-educational campuses do not have. The majority of students on this campus are academically inclined, whereas other schools may be more socially oriented.