University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone can attending this school to be honest. It is all womens school, so most likely a woman, but anyone can attend this school.


This school is perfect for individuals who prefer a smaller class setting. In this institution you will make valuable connections to the people attending and working at the university. This school allows students who are introverted and extroverted grow in areas where they excel along with giving them real life skills to help them grow in areas where they need development. If given time everyone can find their voice, passion, and future in this university.


A person who is fully dedicated to school. A person who likes small classroomes. Someone who liked to interract with the teachers and students.


If you are determined to acheive your goals you would be a good candidate. Anyone who is interested in a career in nursing would definately benefit from attending this school.


Kind, wants to be a nurse or teacher