University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that enjoys getting belligerantly drunk every weekend and does not care about their academics should not attend this school.


Someone who would like to party frequently would probably find this school boring and dry.


Someone who prefers to attend a larger campus or university, because we are a really small campus where pretty much everyone knows everyone.


Well since it is an all-girl school for under-graduated courses, obvisously men could not attend Saint Joseph. However, since Saint Joseph has a consortium with three other colleges, Saint Josephn may have men attend the undergraduated courses. Really, no one should not attend this school since all the staff is accomendating for every individuals. However, based on individual's preferences she may not wish to attend, not for lack of help or the enivorment, but rather she refuses to accept help. (Some people have transferred because the school is too small or because the workload is too hard)


Men obviously cannot attend this school and live on campus. If you are looking for a college with the glorified campus lifestyle , with Greek life, social events, parties, etc, Saint Joseph College is not the school for you.


Someone who is completly boy crazy and needs a boys attention.