University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




For me one of the most frustrating things about my school is that there are not many majors to choose from. There are the common majors such as business, nursing, psychology, but there are not many majors that are somewhat under that radar. In addition there are almost no art classed available. The one painting class is on the weekends and there are no ceramics or photography classes. I really wish there were more creative classes to get our minds off of the really demanding classes and get credit for doing things we enjoy like pottery or things like that.


The roommate matching system is not an easy process to adjust. Most importantly, changing roommates and rooms is not any easy process. Secondly, my school is unorganized concerning social events. As a result, students do not know about the event and does not attend.


Saint Joseph College has very little in the way of weekend activities. This is alright for students who live nearby, or students who work on the weekends, but for those who are from out of state, or the farther reaches of Connecticut, weekends can be very long and boring. Most of the students go home for the weekends, and there are no activities run by the school to keep students busy. There is a shuttle, however, no one wants to go into the city alone. There's plenty to do during the week, but not on the weekends.


the food is not that great, which makes it hard.


Parking situations!!!!!!!!!!!


There's nothing frustrating about my school