University of Saint Mary Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about attending the University of Saint Mary was the lack of participation by my fellow peers. As a active participant in many organizations it was hard to get my peers to come out and support certain activities. This affected the school spirit on campus, where the sports teams that were not even supported. This sometimes made me feel cheated of my college experience.


The thing that is most frustrating about Saint Mary is the lack of campus life. I believe the campus itself is what causes difficulty for students to have a social life on school. Although USM is a private university it needs to open up a little bit for more adversity and get the word out. The moral of students is low on campus because most of them are there to play sports they couldn't play if they were at a D1 school. Sports is too much of a focus- USM should expand its interests for others to see.


I hate that there is not many people on the campus, the sports aren't very good, and on the weekends it is dead.


The most frustrating thing is the finacal aid is not the best for students with a troubleson finacal backing.