University of San Francisco Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All of the students are very kind and welcoming. Everyone on the floor in the dorms are close with each other and we help each other out with our studies.


Well, they are humans to say the least...I wouldn't know anything else about them yet.


There are a lot of international students at USF. It definitely has a very diverse group of students. Most students I know are very passionate about learning and are excited to be in college. It is really a great experience to interact with the international students because you can learn so much from their different experiences and upbringings.


Diverse! Unique! Intelligent!


The student body at USF is extremely diverse, so it can be difficult to make any vast generalizations. One common denominator, however, is that most students are wealthy. Tuition costs an arm and a leg, and that results in a relatively affluent student body. I once overheard students from another school say that everyone who attends USF must be "loaded" (they meant with money, not with drugs... though USF students do love to party! ;). It is not entirely unfair to describe USF as a safety school for rich kids who didn't work quite hard enough to get into an ivy league school. Most students come from California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, or a foreign country. There are many different ethnicities here, though I do see a lot of privileged (dyed?) blondes running around campus. "USF" could stand for any of the following: University of Spoiled Foreigners, University of Spoiled Fuck Ups, or University of Single Females. The last one is particularly humorous-- it's true that the sex ratio is incredibly skewed. At least 60, if not 70% of the student body is female. The Spoiled Foreigners stereotype is definitely true as well. Freshman year, I took a class with a Middle Eastern prince. A lot of aristocratic foreigners with questionable English skills attend USF. Politically, students range from conservative Jesuits to liberal stoners to clueless rich kids who have never given a second thought to politics. Honestly, you'll find all types here at USF. The urban campus attracts every subset of the human race.


There are many types of students. They come from different countries and have different culture. However, because of the environment, we can easily get alone with each other. So everybody is fine. Unless someone really behave badly.


Everyone's really friendly in USF. No matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation, you will feel accepted. Freshmen year, it's really important to go out there and meet new people. it's not that hard. Different types of students interact. People who go here are from the city, the bay area, and other countries. Join a club, and you'll definitely feel like you're a part of something.


There is a lot of diversity in terms of race, orientation, and socio-economic conditions at this school. As a result of this, I feel like it is easy to find a group of people that you fit in with. There is also a lot of international students, many from Asia.


Although USF is a Jesuit School, there are people of all sorts of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, religions, etc. It is San Francisco, after all, so the whole school is a giant melting pot of just about everyone! It would be pretty impossible to feel out of place at this school. In addition, I feel as though the school is pretty easy going. For instance, people wouldn't really judge you based on what you were wearing or the things you say. People are very friendly at this school. Everyone just about talks to everyone. It's a very welcoming school.


Primarily white, very many international students. Students wear comfortable clothing since the weather tends to vary a lot


We have over 100 clubs and organizations that students could participate in and get involved with. Stepping out of your comfort zone and joining clubs is actually good for anyone at any university or college, simply because you get to enjoy so many extra activities, people of different or similar backgrounds, and even establish more friendships or connections. Because we have such a diverse student body, we have a variety of clubs and organizations that are ethnically focused, religiously focused, gender and sexuality focused, and so much more.


USF has cultivated an interesting student body. We have a large number of international students that offer us exciting incite to a culture different from our American life. And even among the US students, you find a captivating group of young adults from different cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds.You find first and second generation college students befriending the university legacy, scholarship students discussing Latin American art with people who constantly travel to Europe and South America. I found myself participating in an Eid celebration after befriending a Pakistani girl on my dorm floor. Our school is so tiny that we can meet interesting people from different walks inside and outside of class.


Students at USF generally "liberal". Conservatives are the only single type of person I could imagine would feel out of place. Many students come from families with some sot of money, but are still on financial aid; school is expensive. However, there is an overwhelming amount of students that come from "rich" families. These students, at times, can make everyone else feel a little out of place. This is envinced by the clothes students wear to class. You have most kids wearing jeans and vans; but there are always the a few wearing heels and a designer dress. Most students hail from California, with Hawaii coming in second place. Then after that you have Oregon and Washington tied for third. And lastly, there are a handful of students from the East Coast. Students like to think they are politically active and informed, but how accurate they are, is debatable.


The students at this school are, generally, very diverse. However, there is a large percentage of filipinos at the school. In regards to LGBT, this is San Francsico, so there is a higher amount of LGBT than one might find at another school. Not many students would feel out of place here because there are so many ethnic clubs that one can join if they put in the effort. Unfortunately there are students who don't make as large an effort and as a result are not getting the most out of their college life in my opinion. Most students are from either northern or southern California. There is a fair amount from out of state and a lot of international students for Asia and Europe. The students at this school are, as a whole, generic, one personality, race, religion, or sexuality does not over shadow the other. The student body is nothing outrageously special but the student's individually all have something to offer in some way, shape or form


Perhaps it is the influence of San Francisco, but the students here are wonderful. I was a bit worried coming into college, but my worries were proved wrong. Within a few weeks, I made an amazing group of friends who are all open minded, intellectual, and friendly. We are all very different: one of my friends is gay while his best friend and roommate is a jock. There is such diversity at USF that is is almost impossible to feel like you don't fit in. In addition, there are many clubs on campus that welcome different people...from the Korean club, to the LGBT club, to the Outdoors club. Also, many students are actively aware of current events and politics, which is very interesting.


Honestly, USF just has a pretty diverse student population. We have numerous cultural clubs from the Filipino Club to two Hawaii clubs to the International Student Association. Even though we're a Jesuit University, not everyone is religiously or spiritual. Also being that we are in San Francisco, we have a pretty well-known and supportive LGBT community. We've got the very rich students who drive around with their Porches and then we've also got those who are not so rich like myself but we make do with what we have--- school, work, & side activities. You can find just about anyone here on campus.


Sheltered private school kids afraid to experience anything new, stuck in high school, yet still very liberal.


The students at USF are a mix of different people. The great thing is that most people want to get to know all different types of people and are very excepting. I have met a lot of different people that I know I probably would not have met back home. Everyone is friendly, helpful and approachable


We have many different types of people here that make it a diverse campus although it is a small one!


This is a pretty tough question. We have people from all different places and lifestyles so there really isn't one set description. Kids get involved in just about everything, which is why we have so many clubs on campus. I'd say most people are pretty liberal politically. A lot of kids are from California but really, we have people from everywhere. I've just noticed that most people I ask come from somewhere in this state. It is a Jesuit school so we do have a strong Campus Ministry program. Yet, as a student who is not exactly religious, I still feel extremely comfortable on campus. There is no pressure and people do not push their views on you. I think it would be pretty hard for someone to feel out of place at this school. There is always somewhere on campus to find your niche, whether it be in a club, a job, or a class.


There really is the whole range here - students who work full time to pay for college, and rich kids who don't have to worry about money; luckily, overall people are friendly and cooperative. There are some snobby people, but there are many kind, laid-back people too.


Great folks here in USF! It's a nice community to be involved!


Because there aren't many of us, we are all familiar with each other and have formed a bond together. All of us come from a different background and embrace each other for what we are.


They are friendly, yet some are egocentric.


My classmates are primarily girls because most of them are nursing majors. I am also in a diverse environment with classmates coming from different cities, states and countries. My classmates are ethnically diverse, adding a different flavor and culture to the USF community.


Unique human beings with a strong desier to learn and better themselves.


My classmates at the University of San Francisco are well-rounded individuals who speak their minds as they find their place in this world with the help of mentors, teachers, and one another in an collective effort to help educate the world for the future.


My Classmates are culturally and socially diverse people that open my mind to the different possibilities of what it means to be human.


Supportive, intelligent, friendly, outgoing, eager, hilarious, determined, and competitive describe my classmates.


For the most part, they are majority rich white and from southern california.


Most of my classmates are friendly.


My classmates are hardworking, humble and unique individuals that were drawn to San Francisco to be themselves and to experience a culture of acceptance.


My classmates are very intelligent, know how to academically argue with one another, very friendly, and are kind to one another.


very focused on success


Most of my classmates are nice and easy to get along with.




My classmates are down-to-earth, friendly and helpful.


My classmates are from all over the world and we all share stories about who we are and where we have come from.


Hard working, intellectually stimulated, and future success stories.


Hard working, yet laid back friends.


The student body at USF is, reputedly, one of the most diverse in the country. I would believe that. I go to class and am friends with people of all ethnic, religious, economic and political backgrounds, sexual orientations, and a variety of interests. What's more, is that this diversity is never very remarkable to me until I am forced to reflect on it. USF has a good environment that we, perhaps, take for granted.