University of San Francisco Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of San Francisco is best known for its diversity. Since it is located in San Franciso, it is home to students from all around the world.


My favorite campus tradition was watching sports games in our residence hall lounge. During basketball playoffs, the majority of the people on our floor would congregate into the lounge to watch the game and enjoy each others company. For certain games, the residence hall advisors and directors would provide food which made for a great time.


Students from all over the world, promoting equality, jesuit learning foundations


I want to follow my dreams and continue my education in attaining a bachelor’s degree in public administration. I am currently employed in a public agency and this degree, I believe, will help to further my career, provide for better financial gain, and more importantly, allow me to grow along a personal level and be an inspirational example to others. I have chosen USF for my undergraduate degree because this school has an awesome reputation. Through USF, I expect to be challenged and educated to my fullest potential.


USF is best known for being a private Jesuit university and being one of the first universities established in San Francisco. It is located at the peak of one of San Francisco's major hills which would is why parking is so limited as stated above. USF is the second oldest institution for higher learning in California.


The University of San Francisco is best known for its Jesuit values and methods of education. It is a very small school with a strong sense of community within it.


My school is best known for its ability to appeal to people of multiple nationalities, religions, and backgrounds. USF is one of the few universities in our country with a rich diversity consisting of students from all over the state, country, and world. With all those people coming together under one institution comes many opportunities to gain perspective of what makes each of us unique. From a foundation built by Jesuits, USF utilizes its student body to its advantage and encourages to build bonds that will last a lifetime.


University of San Francisco (USF) is best known for the city that it is in. It is one of the most enriching cities in California. Also, since USF is a private school, students develop a better relationship with their professors since it?s a two to one ratio. All the faculties and staffs really care about their students? education.


USF Is best known for its public service. They really emphasize become "men and women for others" and that giving back continuously is what everyone should do.


University of San Francisco is most known for its Jesuit tradition. The school has an amazing faculty base, with many of the teachers being nationally known individuals. USF is located in the middle of San Francisco, and in a great part of the city. Go Dons!


We're very well known for our "diversity."


USF is best known for it's nursing , business and law programs.


Academics and career driven


USF is best known for our nursing program and law school.


business, nursing, high tuition, small classes


The University of San Francisco is best known for it's committment to community service. As a Jesuit institution, USF requires that each student participate in a service learning course, which I appreciate, because it enables one to see another side of the city, the side of the city that is reaching out for help.


Nursing for undergraduates and Entreprenuership for graduates