University of San Francisco Top Questions

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My school is unique because it's in an amazing location in San Francisco! You can hop on Muni and be anywhere in the city you want within 30 minutes or less. It's great! Exploring the city with your friends is fun. The weather isn't always foggy like most people think. The days are cool and sunny, and as long as you dress in layers, it's perfect! My school is really great, and I hope that prospective students see the school the way I do.


The small campus in a big city. You get a great education with a small school feel while having all the opportunities that San Francisco has to offer.


I love the diversity that my school has. I have friends who are from different parts of the world and it's interesting to see that my school is such a melting pot. I walk onto campus and see groups that vary a lot but what is special is that everyone is accepting. It's a fairly small school so it makes everyone a lot closer. I like the tight knit, but diverse community that USF has, because of that, I learn so much from everyone. It is something that I didn't notice at any other campus but USF.


The University of San Francisco is unique compared to other campus' because it harbors a large variety of students and at the same time keeps an-home type of feeling. The people that you meet here are friendly and open to helping new friends. Being that we are in the city it allows the students to explore while still being able to feel that they are in a safe environment. The Uiversity of San Francisco allows the students to develop at their own pace and help direct them into their own comfortable path.


I think what is unique about this school is the message that it tries to portray to other students. Educating hearts and minds to change the world is something that this school truly focuses on and it makes it very unique to see that they would like to make a change in the communities aroung the world.


The nursing program at USF is the top in California. The program well educates nursing students to not only do their jobs but to also care genuinely for patients. USF is a small campus with easy-access locations. Because it is in the middle of San Francisco, there is fast transportation and many local eateries and landmarks. I enjoy being in the fast-paced city life, since I grew up in San Francisco.


The University of San Francisco is unique in that it's core mission of giving back to communities in need is inherent in it's ora and cirriculum. USF also has an integrative program for undergraduate business students like myself striving to obtain their Juris Doctrate degree simultaneously. In comparison to other institutions I have attended and visited, USF has superior advisors, professors and extra cirricular organizations. Lastly, the trait that stuck out to me most was the level of diversity amongst my peers at USF. I have met students from all over the world.


It is in San Francisco, so the student body is very diverse. The professors are AMAZING and really strive to see their students succeed. Unlike a public school, we, as students, are treated like people rather than numbers.


I attended a Lliberal Arts school outside Chicago for three years. It had 1900 students. I made friends with 950. I was at USF for a year and made zero friends. The school makes you feel out of place if you are white with a strait sexual preference. The schools professors are too busy to really get involved with the students, even though they are not the most respected professionals in their fields such as at Berkeley or UChicago. There is absolutely no sense of community, no one is on campus if classes aren't going on. Terrible place, EXPENSIVE!


There is great diversity in this university. the teachers genuinely care about both personal and academic growth of their students. it is a urban university with a small town feel.


The class size as stated before. The location and history of the University.


It's very diverse and small.


USF benefits from the surrounding diversity, progress and countless opportunities of the amazing city of San Francisco. Students can find anything that they want in our city and students quickly form a personal bond to this city. Everyone feels a connection to the world at large because USF promotes awareness and social justice. The mix between USF's focus on social justice and the powerful San Francisco community create a perfect environment for students to find and develop the best version of themselves.


What is unique about our school is that it is very diverse. About 70% of students are international, so I get a very diverse feel when I walk around campus. There are numerous different colors of people, and it helps me fit in and makes me feel like I am not being judged by my color. People are also very open to anyone and everyone, so it is easy to get comfortable in this kind of atmosphere and enjoy your college years.


It is very international. I am able to meet people from all over the world, both with peers and professors. The city of San Francisco is a huge part of what make USF so unique because it becomes a part of the campus. There are always so many adventures to be had.


I like the small classes but its the commitment of teachers to your doing well and excelling. If they see they can help push you further or expose you to something that will inspire you more in your chosen field they tell you. They push you, they praise, and they encourage. It is very one on one here even in large classes. The teachers knows if you cut class no two ways about it.


USF is a hidden gem. The media studies program is amazing and I feel like I am busy doing the things I want to be doing. Nothing bothers us more than when people confuse us with SFSU or UCSF -- we're nothing like them! Get it right.