University of San Francisco Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


There are many club and intramural sports which are very fun to participate in. Our recreation center also has many possibilites such as pickup basketball, swimming, games, racquetball, etc. The main collegiate teams are basketball and soccer which are very fun to attend.


Our basketball team draws a huge crowd from the school. A lot of students enjoy the games, and they always hand out free spirit wear like: t-shirts, sunglasses, foam fingers, and raffle prizes. When basketball season is over, we do have a good baseball and soccer team that often draw large audiences. The best part is that all of the fields and stadiums are right next to campus, making it a short walk from the dorms!


The sports at our school are competitive and we are a Division I school. However, students do not always attend the sporting events. Living on campus, you'll see many athletes as most of them live within the school's housing.


Basketball is the main attraction when it comes to sports at our school. This is where you see the most school spirit. As for everything else, we know that our school is doing well based on the status updates we get however we are usually not present at other sporting events. It is pretty sad.