University of San Francisco Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't appreciate the value of a good education. This univeresity is not cheap, and college education in general should not be taken for granted.


Being so close to Height street and in San Francisco, you shouls be an open-minded person who is comfortable with girls (most of our students are girls) and with gay/lesbian/etc people because they are quite prominent here. And I wasn't kidding about loving/liking social justice. People here, even the strictest of teachers (there are barely any of these, but they should still be mentioned) love and support people who want to make a difference in the world either buy fundraising, supporting a cause, or just by being opinionated in class.


A person that is lazy. San Francisco has so much to offer to students, yet it takes the ambitious few to look for such oppurtunities. If you think you can stroll on by till graduation and expect a job, you will be sadly mistaken. It's very easy to get caught in the middle here, but if you have the passion and you have the work ethic then you can make this one of the best decisions of your life.


People with closed hearts should not attend this school. You should be really open-minded. Since you're in the city of San Francisco, we tend to have a "kumbaya" attitude. People who also don't want a cosmopolitan life should definitely stay away. USF is a medium-sized school, so your professors will know your name. You're not going to be considered as a number here. If large, competitive classes are what you're looking for, USF is not for you. USF is more of a family-type school.


A studious and ambitious student should attend this university. The school has a mission derived from Jesuit Catholic values. In addition to earning a degree, the university recommends using my profession in promoting social justice across the world. Other qualities that a person should have in attending USF is love, compassion, respect and a strong will to help those less fortunate.


USF prides itself in it's student to professor ratio. The ratio allows students to have full access to their professors and allows professors to give students their undivided attention. Therefore, a student who does not need or desire the availability of their professors shouldn't attend USF. USF is also a very hands-on type of institution and with programs that allow students to make their dreams practical, a student who only enjoys book work may not feel accomodated. If a student doesn't enjoy a diverse environment of peers with unique perspectives, they definately not attend USF.


A person who wants a large class size and large student body should not attend this school. USF is a small campus with small classes and individual attention from the professors. Everywhere you go on campus, there are familiar faces. Someone who does not want to be involved on campus should also not attend this school. At USF, there are so many different clubs available to choice to become involved in. There are so many that you won't be able to choose!


slackers should not attend the school of Nursing at USF. It's a TOUGH program.


A student who is not sure of what they want as a career and who is not willing to put an effort in their studies.


You should not attend this school if you are looking for the frat and sorority, sports focused college life. Our greek organizations do not have houses so they have very little influence on the party scene.


someone who's introverted


People who are really conservative and don't think they would feel comfortable in San Francisco. People who aren't interested in actually doing reasonably well in school.


People who are not comfortable talking about religion to others, talking about the future and how to help people; talking about their ethinicity and learning about others ethnicities. In short people who don't care about the world around them should not be a USF.