University of San Francisco Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my university is the fact that I live in one of the most gorgeous, technologically advanced cities in the country, but I always feel safe and at home in and around campus. When I step on campus, I almost feel this warmth that comforts me and lets me feel like I can be myself and that I'm being set up for success.


The small size.


It is hard for me to choose just one thing, but I think the best things are the location, the size, and the diversity.


The prestige it has throughout the country because it is not extremely highly ranked but it is very well regarded by nearly all professionals I speak to.


The people that go to and work at USF is the best thing about the school. The diversity range and friendliness of the school amazes many people, including me. Everyone always has a smile on his or her face and the staff would go through so many things to help their students. The chance of not making any friends at USF is none. When other people smile, I smile!


the size-it's in a big city but you have small classes.


the community and environment. People connect with each other tightly and you will find it a great place to continue your college degree :)


In my opinion, the architecture of the buildings is the best thing about my school, it has eloquent and unique structures.


Being in the middle of San Francisco allows students find any part of the city that they could fit in. In case they can't find anything on campus, they will always have the chance to find something they enjoy in San Francisco.


The best quality about the University of San Francisco is that whenever a student is in need of attention not only from the professor but the administration office as well, they are always there to assist you. The school is not too big or too small so being able to get around campus is not too hard. But overall, my favorite quality about USF is the small classes and one on one attention you recieve from the professors.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. In a city where we have people from all around the world, attending a University where the diversity is one of the attributes, it opens up a whole new world. The diversity of the campus isnt limited to the skin tone or the places they were born, but it also includes the amount of perspectives the students are able to access. Those different world views is what really makes the university special and interesting.


To me, the best thing about my school is its Jesuit foundation. This background means that the importance of social justice and the necessity of helping others is impressed upon all the students. Regardless of religious affliation, USF students take on a curriculum that is designed to create "men and women for others". I'm proud to go to a school that places such a high importance of being global citizens ready to make a postive impact.


There is lots of diversity. There are many sexual orientations, backgrounds, lifestyles, races, and ethnicities. I think that having a diverse group of people is really important when you are getting a college experience because the real world and the work world is full of diversity. A diverse college is a place where you can experience diversity first hand and learn to embrace it. Learning to work with people whom are different from you is essential to making it in the working world. Diversity also allows us to learn from other people's experiences that we ourselves may never have.


The best thing about University of San Francisco is the location. There might not be much to do on campus, but once out in the city there are endless possibilities. It is a huge cultural center and never has a dull moment.


The best thing about my school is the abundance of friendly people. They make everything else worth while. The city is also an amazing and provides students with places to get away from school.


The best thing is that the class sizes are small and this way the teachers get to know you better and by name. Also its close to home, but not that far, so I can still go home often.


The best thing about my school is the small class size -- this way I get to know my professors one-on-one and am able to ask questions directly to them and get answers; I cannot learn in large classroom environments.