University of San Francisco Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to this school in large part due to its location. The city provides so many wonderful opportunities. I was able to obtain an internship at a financial institution downtown which i doubt I would have been able to get in any other location besides the city. Not to mention, the many other possibilities for jobs and valuable experience.


Location, Location, Location! and the amazing library.


It is mainly because of the environment in San Francisco. And I have a teacher in high school who is graduate from the USF.


The San Francisco location! That is the best thing about this school!


I came to this school for several reasons. It was a great size, small enough for your teachers to know you but big enough that there are always new people to meet. It also had a large variety of majors, perfect for me because I am terrible at making commitments, so it ensured that I had a lot of options in case my first choice turned out to be a bad fit for me. It also is in a great location, San Francisco is a huge city with plenty of things to do and if you ever get tired of being here, there is plenty to go do around the entire bay area. And also this school is ranked pretty high in the country, which made my parents and myself really happy.


I decided to go to this school because I really liked the feel of the campus. I also liked the fact that there seemed to be a focus on social justice, a topic which really interests me.


I had been accepted to seven schools, and my decision had finally whittled down to two locations, USF or Adelphi University in New York. Both school offered small settings, small classes, and good teachers. Although Adelphi was offering a better financial package, a small part of me couldn't accept it. I had been raised in a small town and couldn't face studying in another miniscule town, albeit one in New York. I also couldn't admit to myself that distance was an issue. I could envision myself living at the other end of the nation, far from my family and unable to visit often. So I decided to attend USF, which was based in a metropolis, renowned for it's art scene, and a mere five hours from my hometown. It was far away enough where I could experience life on my own, but close enough that I could take a train straight home. In other words, it was perfect.


Community Service has always been very important to me and I really loved that USF required students to not only give back to their community but also expand their knowledge of their community in both an academic and a hands-on setting


I had originally decided to go to USF because of their Hospitality Management program. I do recommend that if it is a career path that interests you to check out USF. They have a good program for it, plus they are also well-known for their Business program which would be a great pairing to that field. As is apparent from my profile I am now an English major. I had always enjoyed writing and thought I would minor in the field, however the more I was exposed to the Hospitality and Business program the more I realized it was not the best fit for me. I decided to switch my focus and I could not be happier with my decision. Before attending USF I had researched their English program. I am really happy with my decision to switch majors and throughly love the English program at USF. The small class sizes are perfect for this major, and I often feel excited about attending my classes. Besides the program, the city of San Francisco was the second reason I decided I wanted to be a USF Don. The city is absolutely wonderful! I love the fact that it is busy and offers lots to do but I also have access to outdoor activities. San Francisco is very proud of its parks, especially Golden Gate park, and I love taking advantage of their proximity to USF. Also Ocean and Baker Beach are close by and fun to visit on warm sunny days.


At first I chose USF because it was ranked as one of the top nursing schools in the nation. Seeing as I am now an accounting major, I was pleased to realize that it is also ranked as one of the top business schools in the nation as well. Additionally, I chose to go here because of the 4-year, full-ride ROTC scholarship I received.