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As a liberal arts college, USAO uses a different "core curriculum" than other colleges. Additionally, I loved the idea of going to a small school, a school where professors know every name in their classes. I am in love with USAO and the campus and am very excited to start!


USAO is a small and quiet school. Everyone around here is so friendly. The campus is beautiful and has a historical background. The teachers here are very knowledgable in their fields and will go out of their way for any student. I love this school because the class sizes are smaller so that the teacher knows who you are as opposed to a name on a roll sheet. They have a great Speech Language Pathology program and do everything to make sure getting into graduate school is no problem.


My school is really small so teacher's and students are close. For a student like me who gets lost in big crows will defenetly benefit from small environment school.


My school has very small classes, It so easy to get to know proffesor and to become familiar with them . The administration knows alomst every student by name and it is a good feeling to know you are known by staff members. My university is culturally diversed and you are more likely to make very good friends. It is a place that promotes hard work and importance of getting a college digree but mostly finding your personality while you are here.


I have a family on campus. The registrar ofice and in academic affairs offices are friends and interested in my life and education. My advisor knew my name the first day of classes. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety this semester and have been allowed to take exams seperate from the class to ease anxienty and even delay some work being turned in when times are rough. If I had gone to another school where proffs didnt know me enough to notice the change in me and that I needed help, I may have dropped out of school.


The cost of tuition compared to the education you get is amazing.


My school is very unique in the fact that the school I choose is on the smaller side, but offers more for each individual rather than several big things for part of the students. Other campuses choose to build a lot of buildings for each department, sport, or for special events. My campus only has a few buildings that actually hold classes, offices, and eating places. My shcool is also unique because we have a lot of history by being one of the original colleges made for women that eventually went co-ed.