University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing I consider about my school is that it is not close to a lot of places to shop


I consider our lack of variety of food in the cafeteria the worst thing about USAO. It is one thing to have little to no choice about what you want to eat, but when either choice ends up with the same result, which is horrible tasting and looking food, it becomes frustrating. Also the time periods for which the cafeteria is accessible is irritating.


I would say the cost of living. I just think that it is very expensive to live on campus and for me that s where all my loans go to. I wish also that some of the scholarships were open to every student and not only to those who graduated from an high school in Oklahoma or those who play sports. They should be based on others criterias.


You are required to buy a meal plan, even if you live in an apartment with a kitchen. They have set times that you can use your meal swaps to buy meals without using all your points, but because of how much I work I never get a chance to use my meal swaps, so it's like I'm just wasting money on these plans. I think the meal plans should be optional.