University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


USAO is so diverse and welcoming that I believe any one can attend here and be extremely satisfied with the education and social skills they will develope.


Students who would like to go a big, enormous campus, and live in a big city, and not just near a city, should not attend this campus.


A person who is not open to thinking outside the box should definately not attend this school. This is a liberal arts school so there are many different types of individuals on this campus who all have there own beliefs and views, so if you are closed minded and not open to accepting other people for who and what they are then this is not the school for you.


A super conservative.


Anyone looking for the big party school should not attend this school. USAO is small and although we are a wet campus huge parties are not all that common. It's small here and that's how we like it.